Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Couch Diving

Now I am one of those Mama's who believe in house-proofing the child, not child-proofing the house. There are a stack of things that the kids can't touch or do in our home. Rules aplenty which they learn through consistency and abide by pretty well. I want them to respect our home and I find through this they also learn to respect other's homes and possessions too. But I try to make sure there is a good motivation for the rules- and if it doesn't bother me, then I don't want to bother them.

Said all that to say - somersaults on the couch?? Well, why not!

No shoes of course, and they know they can't jump on couches in other people's homes. There will come a time when this will no longer be ok (sixteen??) but for now... I love it!

Just look at her fly!

Hmmm, these photos remind me I simply must get the painter soon to do those walls and especially ceilings after we got them repinned before our kitchen reno in November - argh! Anyway, ignore those and focus on the little ray of sunshine diving off the couch!!

Does this make me a bad parent, to allow such antics??!! ;)


  1. Fantastic! I love the sequence. And I very much agree with house-proofing the child. Live and let live!

  2. Brilliant! Looks like good old fashioned fun to me! :)

  3. Looks like lots of fun! One of my nephews is allowed to play with one of the couches at his house in anyway he wants and I think he spends 90% of his day playing with it. Couches call kids, don't they?


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