Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Two little adventurers (and one doting mother)...

Today Lily had her first 'proper' day at school. I wondered how she would go in a new place on her own (after a tough transition in her first term at a different playschool last year) but the girl had it all sorted! She came in, and immediately sat on the rug in the 'listening pose' they were taught last week... even though it wasn't time to start yet and all the other kids were still running and rolling around -bless her! Having her good buddy Finn there definitely helped with her comfort level, she just about squealed the school down in excitement when he arrived! So happy these two will get to share this time together this year.

The Listening Pose!!

After positioning herself on the rug, she turned and sweetly asked me 'Mummy, are you going now?'. Er.... ok then!! ;) She had said a couple times in the morning she wasn't sure about going, so I think once we got there she had braced herself for me leaving her and just wanted to dive in! When I picked her up, the first thing she said as she ran into my arms was 'Mummy, I was a brave girl today!' You sure were, sweet heart. So very proud of girl is growing up!

After having her home with me full time for three years, and never apart except for the occasional babysitting with Nana or other one-on-one carer, it is a strange feeling to see her enter into this school environment where in so many ways she is fending for herself. Following the rules, befriending and negotiating with others, becoming so very independent! It would break my heart except I remember that this is a large part of what I have been preparing her for... baby steps into the world. I give her skills, values, love, strategies, my heart... then step back (just a little!) and let her find her own way. I know she will be ok.... she is my brave and sweet girl...

Speaking of growing up, I took Eli to music class this morning while Lily was at school - just him and I. I am trying to wean him from his morning nap (seriously, the dude needs his sleep!!) so thought a busy activity out of the house would be the best distraction. It was our first time having a little outing together like this and it was just so sweet. Me and my little man, hanging out together! It felt wonderfully weird to just have him to focus on, rather than simply being the baby toddling around in the sidelines - it made me really see how grown up he is getting. A baby no longer, he is such a little dude now with new words and ideas and games every day. Just this morning at breakfast he told everyone 'Good morning!' - what a card! He has always been really into music, bopping and singing and jumping around and he had such a blast in the class and it did my heart good just to watch this little cherub relishing the fun, diligently putting instruments away and so on. Yep, baby boy is growing up too!

Owl eyes song w paper plates!

He's got a song in his heart!
What an honoured task this is, preparing hearts and minds to face the world. So thankful that I get to accompany them a little while longer - soaking up their precious characters and sowing seeds of  love and grace. It is a big wide world out there, sweet children, but I trust you will find your own way through it - knowing that pieces of my heart will always travel with you.

Vai com Deus (Go with God)...


  1. Oh beautiful Kate! I love reading your blog:)

    Today I went and check out a Kindy for my boy to attend next year, I'm not ready either! I've had people into my home to sit for him whilst I get work done, but he has never had to face the big world yet. He CLUNG to me at our Kindy visit today- at least I can keep him for another year before we take that step! Eip!

    How is the single parenting going? Hope it's all going smoothly:)

    1. aw thanks Fiona! all the best w the transition for your son too, it is a big step indeed esp for us poor mamas!! ;) im sure in the next year he will be preparing and you will too! this last year will be extra sweet im sure.
      thankfully all my hubbys travelling is DONE - phew!! we actually did just fine but towards the end the gloss was sure wearing off! ;) so glad he is home now!

  2. Ok, so your whole post was lovely but I CANNOT get over how absolutely gorgeous Eli's hair is, I love his curls!!! xx

    1. i knooooowwwww! i love em too - he is quite the chick magnet these days, ;) ppl comment every where we go! i just noticed that in this pic i happily managed to capture this funny swirl at the top of his head! its all straight up there (which is why sadly i think his curls will go once i cut them) but at the top he has this sweet little blond swirl, its so cute! :)

    2. I was on the train with my husband once when he still had long hair, and we were cornered by a rather odd man who was instructing Chris to never cut his hair, as 'the curls get the girls'...
      They apparently don't just attract chicks... lol

  3. I loved reading your recount of Lily's firts full day. Lily is so full of love and life. The way she squealed and ran to Finn when she saw him on Wed was both hilarious and heartwarming :) I am so happy that Finn gave her an extra boost of confidence and comfort (although I am positive Finn wasn't aware that he held this power ;) )
    She was so brave. It was so funny to see her sitting on the mat all ready to go (about 15 mins too early ;) ) bless her cotton socks.
    And Eli - you are just gorgeous! Harper loved seeing him on Wed too!


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