Monday, 27 February 2012

Helping me, Helping you

Today I got to hang out with Lily at school! Each term her playschool asks for parents to volunteer for a day of being the teacher's assistant and today was my lucky day. It was a sweet opportunity to see how the whole morning is structured, see my little sweetie in action and get a chance to know her little buddies better too. As it was a rainy day, it was a day full of craft and it was gorgeous to see how her amazing teachers kept the kids busy, entertained and having fun the whole time.

I even got time to play with my girl. She was the Mummy and I was the visitor coming to meet her new baby. (!!) She was such a busy multi-tasking Mummy, she even had to put all the bedding into the washing machine during my visit. What a woman, huh!

My heart swelled as I helped set out all the lunch boxes at the tables. These oh-so-big little kids, upwrapping their own lunches, disposing of the rubbish and so on, ever so independent and capable now. I was so touched to see my little Missy in this environment, three weeks in and already so confident in her new routine - putting things away, sitting on the rug, following the teacher's instructions ever so faithfully - growing up, stepping out and fitting in so easily into her new little world. So proud of my little lady!

Blue stained hands were evidence of a morning well-spent. I felt so lucky to get this special time with my girl, witnessing her growing confidence as she makes her own first steps into the world, taking it in stride and doing it in her own happy, cheery, friendly way. Love her!


  1. So, the secret's out. Now you know how much she can do for herself, put things away, sit quietly and follow instructions, there's no excuses at home! ;)

    1. SO true Tarnya!! it is so eye opening to see how capable these littlies are when it is simply expected of them - def makes me see that though in lots of ways she is very independent and capable at home, there are plenty of ways i baby her or do things for her without even realising i dont need to be!

  2. Wow, looks like some fantastic activities. Hope you had a fun day too as a parent in the classroom. Great captures of what your little girl gets up to during her day away from home.

  3. The first "helper" day is so exciting for the child AND Mummy ;)
    It is so true, you get and insight into their little world and see things in your child you just can't while at home.
    Looks like a fun filled week at Playschool. I will find out on Friday when I take the Fri crew :) Please rain stay away on Friday.......


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