Saturday, 11 February 2012

Earrings, Heels and Hens...

My hubby is finally back from his work travels and I was so touched when he presented me with a sweet gift he picked up while in Tasmania... these gorgeous earrings! Ohhhh I just love them - stunning! So sweet he thought to get me something while away (and so busy). But he really left me speechless when he told me why he had chosen that particular pair...

Because he knew that the colour matched my favourite pair of high heels!! Ummm.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!!?!? Like, who is this guy!?? Aww, bless him, what a sweet heart! Well, well, just colour me a happy wife indeed!

Colour co-ordinated thanks to my guy!

Just in time for a special night out too...

Now, where there are brides, there are surely Hen's Nights, and where there are bridesmaids, they are surely organising them! A week out from my dear friend Bel's wedding, the fabulous Miss Anna and I, as co-bridesmaids were also co-conspirators in organising a fun night out to farewell our girl from the single life! Thankfully, Bel wasn't keen on a trashy affair (ahem) so Anna and I concocted a classy but just-a-little-bit-silly night of fun for the female family and friends!

Anna, Bel and I have all been friends since we were in Year 12 at college (and she was a little Year 11er). Life's ups and downs in our late teens and 20's were only survived by our ability to dissect them piece by piece over a cup of tea (or several) for hours on end! We are all so thrilled to see her take this big step into married life with her lovely fella!

Kate (shocking pic!), Bel and Anna

Dinner was a Turkish affair, in a fun restaurant where we got to sit on big floor cushions around tables and partake in a Turkish feast. There was food, drinks, laughs, presents, cupcakes, speeches, a couple of games and all in all, a very memorable night!

Cupcake Girls!

And then we danced..... oh how we danced... until the wee small hours of the morning. A bit of a time warp to be out dancing with my girls - something I have not done for quite a few years, I can assure you! It felt rather fitting to revisit those footloose and fancy free younger years, before Bel took this step into marriage and these grown up lives we now find ourselves in!

All in all, the bride (from all reports) had a blast and so did the dozen other gals who partook in the festivities. Anna and I were privileged to host such a special night for our dear friend in the lead up to the big day. Good times, dear girls, good times!

Oh, and just as a reminder of the realities of our lives... after crawling home at 2am, I was woken at 5am by poor Lily with a blood nose (all over her bedding of course!).....aaaaand there goes the glamour, ladies!!!

Although I would have loved that extra bit of sleep for sure, you know what? Although I don't mind dusting them off occassionally, I'm still happy to hang up those dancing shoes in exchange for my life now as I know it - crazy family fun, sloppy baby kisses and the occassional stint of soaking the pillow cases in Napisan at 5am!

Grateful for the winning combo of family and friends!


  1. What a GUY! And what a great night out!

  2. Your husband is a total gem!
    You and your friends look so happy. Glad you had an excellent night. It is so nice to get out every now and again... :)

  3. Thanks for the great hen's night ... you and Anna did a fab job :) Now for the final week of counting down... and stressing (?). Oh and another fun girly night on wedding-eve. Wow, it really IS all about me xxx


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