Friday, 17 February 2012

Pre-wedding Lockdown!

The night before her wedding, the bride-to-be Bel invited the two honoured bridesmaids (Anna and I) to stay with her at her gorgeous hotel suite for a night of relaxing and preparations! Our main task was to keep the bride chilled, calm and distracted by keeping things light and not too wedding-focused to allieve the rising anxiety about the 'big day' ahead.... so... um yeah... I think we succeeded!! It was pretty much the ultimate girly night and oh how decadent we felt! Ordering room service, giving ourselves mani/pedis, trialling hair styles, laughing, reminiscing, watching 'Top 50 Forgotten Gems of the 80's and 90's' on the music channel (trust me, so many of them not gems and best forgotten for good!) = seriously good times with my girls!

The lovely bride surprised us with gifts of perfume (Lauren by Ralph Lauren, mmmm!) and a super cute bathrobe with our names embroidered on the front and 'Bridesmaids' on the back!! (She had one too with 'Bride' on the back) I mean, come on - how awesome-sauce is that?!!  Bride of the Year, we say! We were so touched and of course the robes were our lounging uniform of choice for the evening and the perfect preparation outfit for the next day!

Lounging in style!

Styish Miss Anna stylin' my hair!

We appointed ourselves World's Best Bridesmaids!

Paint those nails, ladies!

It was such a delightful evening relaxing with two dear friends... we were all so chilled we could hardly believe the wedding was the next day - especially Bel! It has been quite a number of years since we all had a sleepover, that's for sure. For this busy Mama, it felt impossibly indulgent and ever so nourishing! Just to have a whole evening of laughter and frivolity, pampering and giggling and lounging around, soaking up the blessing these two friends have been to my life. What an honour it was to get this night dedicated to supporting and calming the nerves of a bride going into a wonderfully-major milestone of life! It felt like the best possible send-off into her big, beautiful day and wonderful marriage.

The funniest moment of the night - getting a knock on the door shortly before 10pm to let us know there had been noise complaints?!! Um, can you get a noise complaint for a bit of giggling.... before 10pm!? I guess so!! I guess we still got it, heehee!! (Btw - we seriously were not being crazy or making a real ruckous and wouldnt want to disturb people, so it was pretty strange that we got 'told' and hence, so funny! Guess the walls were pretty thin?!)

An impossibly refreshing evening of friendship, just a  precursor to the festivities to come... yet still oh so sweet on their own!

Thanks Bel for letting us be there for you and with you on this special night!


  1. awww, that looks like such an awesome night, what a great way to spend time with someone before they make the big commitment. I love the photo of the two of you in thr robes. Very classy!

  2. Hilarious that you got noise complaints you wild women! So this is an awesome post - love it. Really nice to see you getting pampered and hanging out with your pals. So often we don't have time for ourselves as mum's and it's great to see you grabbing it and making the most of it.

    1. so true!! i always say you can tell the mamas who are getting some time out, they have a slightly giddy/hysterical edge as they soak up the fun and freedom! well i do anyway haha!! but makes it all the sweeter to go home and cuddle the babies of course :) But yes - a rare and lovely time out w the gals!

  3. girls night! woo hoo!

    I am heading up to visit a friend in the country with another friend and I think you have inspired me to push for a girly night of pampering! we all totally need it and deserve it! :)

    So gla dyou had fun - can't wait for wedding pics!

  4. Kate-- thank YOU! I had the best wedding lead-up (and wedding day) and I was really glad to take a bit of stock of my life and realise how fortunate I am to have you and Anna there for me. I just wish we could have more of these nights... but I guess the rarity is one of the things that makes it so special. Would it be wrong for me to tell Lily that Mummy got in trouble for making too much noise after bedtime ?? Love you xxx

    1. lol!!!!! oh Lily would loooove to hear that Im sure ;) It was so fun Bel and a pleasure and honour to be involved in your big day! you handled it all soooo well! Yes the rarity of such nights makes them special but hmmm.... im thinking it wouldnt hurt to make them a little more frequent huh! :) Love ya girl! xx

  5. Daphne and Steve Cole20 February 2012 at 14:21

    Kate and Anna we can't thank you enough for the wonderful way you both looked after our beautiful daughter Belinda. She was calm and relaxed, partly due to her great organisation but mainly due to you both being there for her. We are very lucky to have the both of you as well as Janet who did an amazing job as MC. We feel like we have 6 daughters not 3. Love and thanks xxx

    1. awww Daphne, what a sweet thing to say - Im so touched! it was an honour to be part of it all and i was really touched and so happy to see how supportive and excited and helpful you and Bec and Manda were... Bel was lucky indeed (as she well knows!) to have such a great support team around her. It was beautiful to see how proud you were of your daughter!!!! As you should be... makes me imagine Lilys big day one day - eek i will be sobbing all over the place ;)

  6. What a special night!
    Love that the bride AND bridesmaids got some pampering time :)
    So hilarious that you were told to keep the noise down!


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