Monday, 13 February 2012

Just hangin' in da Crib....

Home again day today while the Little Miss recovers from her cold and nasty cough. She missed her first proper day of school too, poor lass!
Lily was still very congested and hovering close to tears often, ahhh my emotional little girl. She told me (randomly and tearily) that she couldn't decide what kind of birthday cake she wanted. For her birthday in six months. July, to be exact. Yeah, seriously!

When I gently assured her she could have any cake she wanted, she decided wearily that it would be better just for Mummy and Daddy to decide. Clearly too much of a burden for her!

The highlight of the day was when the kids asked to jump into Eli's cot together. They had a blast in there, laughing and mucking around together. Lily read books to Eli, exclaiming 'You know this word, little Buddy! Good job!'. They asked me to turn the light off and shut the door so they could pretend to be sleeping, the silly little monkeys! All in all they played happily in there for about 45 minutes and only got out when I said it was time for lunch. World's sweetest best friends, I'm sure!

After her quiet little sick day, as she was getting ready for bed, Lily told me casually on her way to the bathroom,  'I like you, Mummy'. Just that. This sweet girl tells me she loves me frequently, she is just a super affectionate kid and 'words of affirmation' is definitely a primary love language, but there was something extra precious in this statement. She likes me. Simple and true, from one little friend to another. Those words touched my heart after a long couple days with her snuffly tears and emotions, with me feeling pretty wiped with a cold too, with Mark out of state for a very long (and final) work day trip. I had struggled to be patient and compassionate towards her, balacing her emotions, sickness and behaviour... but still - she liked me. Kids sure know how to show us grace, huh?

I like you too, little Pumpkin Pie - that and a whole lot more...


  1. Poor little Lily. And what a bummer about missing out on Playschool today too :(
    She really is just the sweetest, so open and affectionate. Come on Kate, of coarse she likes you! I couldn't imagine anyone not doing so :)
    Hope Lily is feeling better soon.

  2. that is adorable!
    I hope my son 'likes' me when he is able to articulate himself.
    Cos as families we have to LOVE each other, but to actually LIKE each other is so darn precious!

    ps - the birthday cake decision is just so important, i understand the pressure. :)

  3. Oh that is so sweet! Hope Lily is feeling better soon. Funny how like can mean so much more than must have warmed your heart to hear it :)

  4. I love it. This is such an exceptionally sweet shot! :)


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