Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Drawing Rainbows, Feeling Thankful

It might be pouring rain allllll week around here, but we have already got some beautiful rainbows appearing in our home, thanks to my little lady. It was a misty grey day with the rain in a continual peaceful shower. Eli went down for a nap in the morning, which is when Lily and I have some one-on-one time (sans wriggly little brother), usually doing Learning Time (an activity, lesson, craft etc). It was ever so grey, so starting off with a cosy snuggle on the couch seemed the right way to go.

Then Lily jumped up - I have an idea Mummy!

She busied herself preparing the loungeroom - a tray of (fake) snacks, a glass of (real) water, two plates filled with crayons (one each!), and a notebook opened to a nice big double page.

Let's draw rainbows together!

Yes, let's!

So side by side we sat, snuggled inside on a rainy day, enjoying some quiet time together. Just me and my girl, some crayons and some (fake) snacks.... what more could we need? Yes, folks, this is what I quit my job for and I could not be more grateful for moments like these...

I like drawing rainbows with you, I said to my sweet girl as we worked away on our artistic endeavours.

I smiled as Lily scrawled and talked to herself, 'Now where is the indigo? Now I just need some violet... ' Yes, she is very familiar with the Rainbow song! Oh and I realise her pen grip is not...er... ideal but although I've shown her how to hold it the 'correct' way, this is what she prefers and I've read at this age not to force it? Anyone with thoughts otherwise, feel free to advise!

So rain - keep on pouring if you must - and we will keep delighting in the little rainbows God is already sending to our little family home. Promises of His blessings and faithfulness are assured, indeed.

Later in the day, Lily hugged me and said 'I love you Mummy, because I love drawing rainbows with you'. Love you too, little Monkey, thanks for organising  such a special moment for us to share!



  1. This is just beautiful!
    She'll get there eventually. But if you want to help her along, I know there are some products that encourage 'proper' grip like crayon rocks (which are probably just about the coolest things ever anyway...). :)

  2. I love how you say 'this is what I quit my job for". I just finished my degree and am staying at home with my little person. Some days people say I am crazy, but my days of rainbows and smiles are many and every second is worth it!

  3. This is gorgeous!!

  4. Ahhhh rainbows. How insightful our little people are. They always know exactly what we need, don't they? Beautiful rainbows Lily (and Mummy, your's are pretty good too). My hubby always reminds me "they won't still be doing that [incorrect pen grip, using a dummy, wearing nappies] when they are ten, so just let it happen when it happens." She's doing beautifully. Enjoy your rainy week!

  5. Lovely miss. I see you had the sleeping bag out too! What a snuggly day!!


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