Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Night Colds and Pizzas

Today we all came down with the colds that have been threatening for a few days... Lily and I were the most snuffly of the lot. It was a 'stay in your PJs all day' kind of day... just what we needed, especially after Mama's festivities the night before, I was snuffly and tired!!

We tried to rest but we were a fairly miserable lot... the most emotional of our little crew (ahem... Lily) was having a tough day of it, feeling rough and spending most of the day weeping over various encounters with life's cruelties. Eg: When she decided to wash  her ballet slippers after getting them sandy then discovering that 14 seconds in the sun wasn't sufficient to dry them, devastated fountains of tears ensued. Poor darling!

However, she managed to pull herself together when Daddy suggested the family favourite - pizzas! She looooves making pizzas with him, so it was a nice way to finish up an emotional little day for her and the family. Just hoping she feels better tomorrow.

Rolling the dough...

Busy hands - Daddy and Daughter

Floured all over!
Mark is er... a little obsessed with pizza making! He has refined his system of baking them on pizza stones in the hooded BBQ to get that smoky flavour too - it is yummo! It also supports his theory that pretty much any food can and should be BBQed! I love pizza making too (though not quite as much as he), as it's so fun to do with family and friends and everyone gets to make their own special creation (we could never share!)...

The end product (mine!)

A delicious and delightful end to a busy, fun, social, and snuffly weekend!


  1. Gorgeous. We had pizzas tonight too... But we shared. :)

  2. Wow you certainly did over come the grizzles then :) I hope those sniffles go away quickly. I love the photo with flour on her face. Looks like a yummy Pizza. my4boysandme

  3. oh yum, Lily looks so cute rolling out the doh.
    I hope you guys are feeling better soon. If the snuffles don't clear up, go and get yourself some Blackmores P.C.I.P. they are great for inflammation and work wonders on a cold and teething gums :)


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