Sunday, 26 February 2012

Whistling while we work

After several very busy weekends, the house was in a state and we spent much of the weekend trying to get on top of the 'house and garden', which, far from appearing to be anything that would appear in a magazine of similar name, was instead going to wrack and ruin! Argh.... homes sure take a lot of upkeep, don't they? Although I try and often do have a better attitude to such realities, I admit this weekend my feelings were: overwhelmed, exhausted, over the neverendingness! Nevertheless, we ploughed on in getting the house back into some semblance of order (oh, the floors, ugh!), and hacking away at our jungle of a garden! In the midst of my blahness, my little lady gave me some well-needed rays of sunshine...

It's a sweet time when your child is old enough to play and amuse herself along side you, to be working with a little companion by your side. As I was pruning back some shrubs, I told Lily she could pick the leaves and flowers off the cuttings if she wanted to, to do with as she wished. She was thrilled to pick flowers at will (normally verboten) and for some reason today she was either acting out a story in her head or just running her own commentary in third person, because as she played she chattered aloud in the most charming fashion! I didn't interrupt but instead listened with a smile on my face while I worked, as streams of her chirpy little voice filled the backyard...

Here is just a snippet -

'And so the little girl sat down next to her plastic bag, and picked some lovely flowers to make a collage. The little girl loved to pick flowers and it made her so happy. She didn't see any spiders. It was very sunny. She got so many beautiful flowers in lots of colours, and then she wanted to make a collage so she decided to go inside, and she ran and ran and ran...'

Off she disappeared inside as the artist's muse hit.... leaving pools of sunshine and perspective in her wake. Love her!

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