Saturday, 4 February 2012

Pancakes with Daddy

Every Saturday morning, Mark makes blueberry pancakes with the kids for breakfast. He is just that kind of Daddy - fun, dedicated, involved, and always up for adventures with the kids, even the gastronomical kind! It is a Daddy and the Kids tradition, as I am usually off at boot camp at 7.30am on Saturday (or sometimes **cough*sleeping-in*cough**). Although I sometimes feel sad to miss the family time (while I'm also very much enjoying the me-time, but that's another post!), I also love knowing that Mark is getting that quality time with the kids, building their own fun memories together.

Cracking the eggs
It is hard to over state what a fantastic daddy Mark is... a wonderful family man, he is just so good with the kids and I love his commitment to spending 'real time' with them, and their pure adoration of him. I can't help but give the guy a little blog-world glory, he totally deserves it! He is extremely patient with them and is particularly good (in contrast to myself!!) at painstakingly helping them master new tasks. For example, with pancake making, Lily can pretty much mix up the entire batter herself, from cracking the eggs to sifting to beating - all learnt step by step thanks to her father's gentle instruction and saint-like patience!

Beating the mixture is a whizz!
 I love that the kids know that Saturday is 'Pancakes with Daddy' Day! Just knowing my three favourite people are hanging out and having a good time together. He always makes it so fun, playing music and laughing with the kids and they eat a crazy amount of pancakes (Eli eats three big ones at least!). If perchance I'm still in bed, I get some delivered along with a cup of tea (Yes, I am spoilt and no, he is not available for hire!). Afterwards he will often take them out to the park, to Questacon or another concocted Daddy-style adventure. I'm sure those mornings are some of my kid's most delightful memories... love that!

Love that bed-head at breakfast!

Oh yes, I should add that Lily is of the opinion that if you aren't dressed in your tutu and pink sparkly dress-up shoes (on the wrong feet) by 8am, well then frankly, you just aren't really living!

After this sweet morning, Mark had to leave for a five night interstate work trip. Travel for work is thankfully rare, for we are already missing him terribly! But I have to recount the conversation that took place this morning...

M: I can't believe I'm going to be away from you all for so long, just stuck in hotel rooms at night eating take away and nothing to do but read or watch TV. (Yes, he really means this)
K: (Jaw dropping) Are you kidding me? That is like my DREAM!!!!

Am I the only mother who has the occasional fantasy (on those rough days) of such a time - kicking back with nothing to do and no one else to take care of??! Only me? Oh, ok then! Anyway, bless his heart, he hates to be away from his family and we sure hate to have him away!

Hurry home, honey! The kids miss you already and so do I!

Goodbye Cuddles


  1. SO precious! I love this post - what an amazing dad!
    Great photos too :)

  2. OMG I can totally relate. Mine is only away for 2 nights and I just can't function without him. Your man sounds like such a wonderful daddy (much like another special daddy I know ;) Aren't we just blessed!


    1. wow so funny that our hubbies are both away at the same time! we do rely on these guys to tag team huh!! yup Mark is def. a great daddy - good to hear there are more than a few going around - every kid deserves one huh :) Blessed indeed!

  3. This is just gorgeous!
    I'd love a getaway complete with tv, books, takeaway and a hotel room too. Me time is a rather scarce commodity... :)
    I love the tutu and pink sparyly shoes, so sweet. Then again I also love it when I see little girls shopping in fairy wings, and boys in spiderman costumes. It delights me. I definitely pick my battles, and love seeing that other mamas do the same. lol

    1. Maybe we should all book a hotel at the end of the project, we will have earnt it huh!? :) Yes i simply adore seeing kids dressed up in their little dress up clothes, always melts my heart! I figure when its much of a muchness, let them enjoy dressing up and lily is pretty good w respecting when i say its just not appropriate. rock the tutu while you can, i say :)

  4. That's awesome...your children are so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy.


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