Friday, 9 March 2012

What's a Sleepover without a little Giggling?

Our dear friends from Woollongong are visiting us this long weekend, it has been so fun to hang out with a family in just the same stage as us. We both have older girls (born just five days apart!) and younger boys (though their boy Noah is about five months older than Eli). Since our girls were born, we the Mamas have plotted and planned for our girls to be best of friends - whether they liked it or not!!! ;) Jason and Nicole have become very dear friends of ours since they moved here from the USA three years ago, and I just love that we can share in the magic and madness of raising kids together - a friendship I pray will last for all our lives!

In the baby and toddler years, Lily and Ella showed the usual amount of alternating ignoring/oblivious/adoring-ness, but now at three - lo and behold - besties!! They natter away like little old ladies, calling each other 'sweetie' and 'darling', discussing their favourite clothing and colours, mothering each other within an inch of their lives and playing make-believe and dress-ups like nobody's business. Too cute for words.

Of course the most exciting aspect of their visit - according to Lily - was her long awaited chance for a *real* sleepover! The girl was pysched!! She asked me days in advance if they could have 'a little giggle and a chat' before sleeping and I said of course - within reason!!

Lily was prepared to offer her honoured guest the pink fold out couch or her bed. Ella chose the pink couch (who wouldn't?!) and they snuggled in for the night with glee written all over their angelic faces. Much giggling, chatting, singing, silly questions and possible-bed-jumping ensued, with Nicole and I alternating in playing the stern parent cautioning them to simmer down - it was hard to keep a straight face!

Snuggled in with her BFF and a couple of other buddies too!

Finally, by 10pm, two little girls wore themselves out through chatter and giggles and three-year-old bonding, and fell peacefully asleep.

Magical....sweet sleepover success, at last....

And a nice by-product is of course we adults get to stay up late 'giggling and chatting' too!


  1. that is soo cute. I haven't been game to let Ruby have a sleep over yet, well done to you and Nicole.

  2. Oh Yay Lily got the sleep over she has been longing for!
    Aren't the giggling photos ardorable? They both look beyond happy that they are sharing a room.

  3. This is totally adorable!
    I'm so happy Lily got her sleepover! :)

  4. Precious! The first of many, I am sure =)


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