Saturday, 11 August 2012

Eli's Milestones - Till Two!

After nabbing this idea from a clever friend, when Eli was born I started taking a photo of him each month with a little sign to mark the ever-too-rapidly passing of time - once he hit 'One' I started taking the photo each year on his birthday - well, I had to sneak one in at 18 months too as it's such a milestone age for a toddler and the transition between one and two is just too big!

So here are his Age Two photos... best we could manage with a wriggly little man who was a leeeettle tricky to direct in the sign-holding department... let's just say it adds to his charm!?

Is this the right way, Mama??

What if I just chill out a bit like this??

What? You want me to hold it a little higher? Like this??!

A snapshot of Eli at Two...

Likes: Talking loudly (everything is a bellow!) and constantly. Eli loves wrestling, eating, dancing, singing and playing 'doggies' and 'babies' and pretty much anything with his beloved sister. Jumping on the trampoline, running around, kicking balls. Hide and Seek with Daddy, reading stories with Mummy, cuddling his teddies and baby doll.

Dislikes: Waking up (he is always pretty fragile after his nap), missing out on any food in his vicinity.

And here is the full collage of my sweet little man all the way from teeny tiny baby to bustling little toddler...


  1. Precious Eli, it has been so wonderful to watch you grow over the past two years and BOY doesn't this collage show how much growing he has done!
    Well done Kate for putting this all together. It looks great!

    1. i know - i am so in love w this collage and seeing his growth all in one glance :)

  2. This is such a lovely idea - I have been wondering how to continue the 366 project without perhaps having to take a photo EVERY day (even though I LOVE doing it).
    The changes in your little loves are adorable!

  3. I love how he's holding the sign in the first photo- it does indeed only add to his charm! The collage is adorable, it's amazing how quickly they grow and change.


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