Saturday, 4 August 2012

Connecting with my girl // Connecting with blocks

Eli was taking an extra long nap so after Lily got up I decided to invest some of my small bursts of energy into some quality one-on-one time with my girl. It's been a while since we have gotten to do a fun activity together so we pulled out these little connecter block things that Lily loves to play with and had a sweet 30 minutes together just making shapes and patterns and chatting together. We kept exchanging happy smiles over the table, both of us well aware this was a precious time, that we had missed each other, that we love each other.

I should note that Lily directed most of the play and that while she busied herself making abstract road shapes for the town we were making, I was commissioned to create (using only square and triangles), all kinds of rather-difficult animal shapes like birds and giraffes and butterflies. At one point she told me consolingly 'Mummy, you're not very good at lots of things but you're good at the butterflies!'. Gee, thanks kiddo!!

Peacefully we worked, encouraging each other, telling each other how much fun we were having and how much we loved each other.

That little love cup was filled up for us both by a little quiet play together and I was grateful... even if I am only good at the butterflies! :)

PS For posterity as this is my modern day baby book, I wanted to record that today is the day Eli suddenly started saying 'Lily' rather than 'YiYi'.... sniff sniff!

Intensely concentrating to clip the pieces together!

Developing plans for her road system...


  1. So happy to hear you did a little love cup filling today :) Bet it felt good. I do love that Lily was assessing you on your animal making skills ;) Funny little gal.

  2. Those quiet times together are just so precious - lucky you and lucky Lily. Those blocks are amazing - I've never seen anything like them!

    1. yes i know - the blocks are quite unique - they have some random name 'La-Q' - i picked them up from one of those little Japanese toy stalls in a shopping centre. would have thought them too difficult for tiny hands but they had some on display and lily got right into them so i bought a small pack - good fine motor skills plus very creative!

  3. Awwww that is the best. Love cup filling is so essential and so hard to coordinate sometimes! We find it very tricky. You can just see how excited she is for that time with you, what a lovely mumma!!


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