Saturday, 25 August 2012

Take Two: Sibling Sleepover

Well, our first highly anticipated sibling sleepover didn't eventuate in any sleep so we decided to try again later and then all kind of forgot about it! But recently Lily remembered this fun concept and asked for another try, so this Saturday night was the night... Eli was now a bit older so I think he understood a bit more and was also very excited. Sweet Lily giggled with anticipation all day at the idea and when night fell they got all snuggled in together in Eli's room in a state of glee.

Although they share a room all the time when we travel, something about being at home just gets them so excited, I was doubtful if sleep was going to happen again! But its such a fun thing to do, we figured it was well worth another shot.

They settled in with time for the obligatory 'little giggle and a chat'....

Oh yes, we can touch each other!
Eli pretending like he is going straight to sleep... yeah right!!

More than a little excited!

This little dude... just gearing up for a big night!

Mark and I settled in for our Saturday night movie, enjoying the sounds of giggles, laughing, squealing, singing and all manner of silliness going on. It's like they have their own language sometimes, or in the very least, their own secret sibling world which I just love to peek in on, overjoyed to let it be their very own special bond. It is just the most precious relationship!

As it started to tick past 8.30pm, we paid a couple of visits to encourage them to start settling down.... and then by 8.45pm - by some kind of miracle - they were actually both asleep!!!! I couldn't believe it and we went to bed just hoping they wouldn't wake tooooo early in the morning!

Alas, that was not the end of it - at 1am, I woke to Lily calling out because she needed to go to the toilet! This was very rare for her to need to go in the middle of the night, and because she was in Eli's room she was disoriented, so called out for me rather than just going on her own as she usually would. So, of course this woke a much confused-and-disturbed Eli up with many tears at being so rudely awakened in the middle of the night! Poor kid! It seemed like he was going to struggle to go back to sleep with Lily in the room after all that emotion, and at 1am we sure weren't going to spend the night experimenting! So we decided Lily better finish the night in her room - cue fresh tears....  poor girl, but it was just the way it all panned out in the end.

Oh well, they still had fun and made it half the night, so shall we call it half a success!? We will have to try again soon!


  1. I do love that you gave it another shot. Hey, they made progress! but the midnight waking must have been a little emotional for everyone.
    I love the shots you captured before you left them to their secret sibling business - excitement plus! Love it!

  2. I can't believe how big Eli looks with his hair all gone. and aside from that I think these two are just the cutest brother and sister ever. They are just adorable that they want to sleep together. They are going to be best mates for a long long long time.

    1. i knooowww, he looks so grown up huh! and thanks re: sibling comment, i know, they just adore each other, its really special.... i really hope its a lasting bond!!


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