Monday, 20 August 2012

Eli's Second Hair Cut... What a Big Boy!

Well, our shaggy little doggie son was well over-due for a hair cut... poor kid could barely see through his long fringe!! As I have been sick the last few months it just hasn't happened... and this Mama did not trust anyone else to take him, I must admit (I know Daddy would have given him a buzz cut for sure!!). Well, it could wait no longer so I determinedly made a late afternoon appointment and... in a personal record for the last few months... bundled both kids into the car and drove down the road to the hairdressers! Giving myself silent high-fives all the way and praying for well-behaved kids and no vomiting in the hairdressers...

Yes, this scruffy boy needs a hair cut!

Can you see under there, Eli?!

Strolling to the Salon...

Eli burst into the hair salon, bellowing 'No screaming!! No complaining!!' to the rather startled hair dressers. I think they thought he was giving them some directives but I quickly explained he was just reminding himself of the expected behaviour we had discussed in the car!!!! Not exactly how I had put it, but the boy has his own way of interpreting things.

Anyway, hoping for the best, we got him settled into the special kids chair for his 'big boy hair cut'. The first 10 seconds he started crying and saying 'No hair cut! No hair cut!' but then got distracted by his gorgeous reflection in the mirror and his sister dancing around to amuse him (I had enlisted her as my much-needed helper) and he sat so still and so happily the rest of the time - what a champ!!! The expressions he had as all his hair came off was just too cute for words.... can't believe how different and grown up he looks! My little dude - no more curls...

The lovely hair dresser gave both kids lollipops for their efforts, which needless to say were greatly enjoyed. Mission - completed and successful I say!

What is she doing to my golden locks?! And who is this handsome devil?!
AFTER: our little big boy! No more curls but lots of sweet little face!

Can't believe I got a lollipop for that!!
Loving the side swept look!

Score!!! I got a lollipop too!

Mr Cool rocks his sunnies (at night) and his hair in a more scruffy laid-back look...


  1. Good to see that he didn't cry this time. He is a lovely boy.

  2. It's so amazing how a haircut can transform a little face! I love it, and well done you for being brave enough to cut off all those curls.

  3. Oh wow it really does change his look! I loved the curls but in that last shot he's sure rocking his fresh cut!

  4. Tony and I had a good laugh. I loved how he made his grand entrance into the salon! And he looks soooo cool. And so different!

  5. Love his new cut! You really can't go wrong with either style. One shows off his adorable curls and the other his totally gorgeous eyes. What a beautiful boy you have, Kate.

  6. He looks so hansome. You have two adorable kids


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