Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lily's Milestones - Four

Here are some slightly belated birthday shots of my proud four year old for her Milestones project.... she is looking so very tall these days!?

A snapshot of Lily at Four....

Likes: Dressing up as often as possible (90% of the time), singing, dancing and putting on shows for family. Watching Sound of Music, playing with her dollhouse, playing 'babies' and 'doggies' and any imaginary games with her brother. Making sculptures and creations at her craft table. She loves pink, purple, silver and gold. Fairies, ballerinas, princesses and wedding girls... and wrestling with her Daddy! Loves people - visitors, playdates, friends of all ages.

Dislikes: Wearing jeans, and seeing any real or imagined harm or risk coming to her baby brother (she freaks out).

And here is a collage of my darling girl from One to Four years...


  1. Gorgeous photos, my she is growing up so much. She is a gorgeous and happy little girl. What a wonderful idea to document each birthday milestone.

  2. Tall - yes! but hey look at her parents!
    What a gorgeous girl and look at how much she has changed.
    I loved reading her likes/dislikes. It is a true sign of how much time our family has spent with Lily that NONE of these facts were a surprise to me :P

    1. so true amber - u know my kids so well these days, i think they well and truly consider themselves part of the family :)

  3. She is so beautiful! What a precious baby she was and such a big girl she's becoming. She sounds like such a fun person- I agree on making sculptures, The Sound of Music, and dressing up!


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