Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Hiiiiilllls are Alive....

The kids are obsessed with watching The Sound of Music (yes!! parenting win for me!!), and so I could not resist tracking down the original soundtrack. So fun to be able to listen to the music in the car or the house and hearing Eli singing 'Do-Re-Mi' is pretty much the cutest.thing.ever. We the parents enjoy listening to it too (rock on, Julie Andrews) and I gotta say it is a very cool thing introducing the kids to classic quality musicals that I just adore (big musical fan!) and have them totally get into them. Ah, the satisfying moments of parenthood, lol!

Of course we had to have a little family dance party to the new soundtrack... it was pretty much impossible to get shots that were not a blur of whirling Lily (my camera can't seem to handle movement at night) but I got a few images that captured the musical tones of the evening...

Twirling with Daddy - blurry yet magical...

Earnest singing of 'So long, farewell' complete with peeking out to say 'Cuckoo!'

This boy needs another hair cut!

Very sweet and somber rendition of 'Edelveiss' - too precious for words!


  1. This is so funny! I knew you guys must have been watching/listening to this, Lily was singing an assortment of SOM tunes the last time I saw her! I actually really like the blurry twirling photo. It gives a good sense of movement.

    1. heehee glad you got to hear a few renditions - maybe next week eli will sing a few for harper :)

  2. Ahhhh so cool! Hannah loves 'So long, farewell' too!!!

  3. So funny, we just watched this the other day as my kids hadn't seen it yet. Milo loved the music too! I love Lily singing so earnestly in her pjs and tutu- too cute!


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