Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Calling Grandpa

Whenever Eli comes across the cordless phone in his travels, he siezes it with glee and begs me 'Call Grandpa!! Talk Grandpa!!!!'
So of course we do - dialling into my Dad in Brisbane.
I put the phone on speaker, and Eli has a fine old time bellowing into the phone...

Hi Grandpa!!!!!
Hi Grandma!!
Hi Kaos!!!! (dog)
Hi Pish!! (fish)

He does his best to tell Grandpa all about his latest adventures. Dad does his best to understand his two-year-old accent, which is a little harder over the phone, but they usually manage to have a nice chat till Eli cuts him off abruptly to request to speak Grandma (Talk Grandma now!!)...

Eli being a two year old, he will sometimes get distracted and start doing something else mid-call (silence....awkward!) or try to show Grandpa something which of course he can't see (hence why we usually use Skype!).

But I just love that Eli loves, remembers and wants to chat to his Grandpa, even though he lives far away... and I know it won't be long till they are having nice long chats together!

Hmmm, how about I press a few buttons while I'm here!?


  1. That's so adorable! I can just imagine Eli yelling out to your Dad then wandering off when something else gain his attention. Funny boy!

  2. Tilly is the same, and demands to ring my mum everyday. Luckily she lives in the same suburb so the jibber doesn't cost me an arm and a leg but i just love how she gets so excited about talking to her grandma on the phone and watching her little face light up when grandma answers the phone and then launches into a recital of hellos and lots of attempts at words. Some days after ringing mum to have a chat I have to call her back as Tilly gets very upset if she hasn't had her turn to say hello. Funny kids, Ruby was never like that and still dislikes talking on the phone.

  3. Thats adorable!!


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