Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Eli gets his groove back

Amber kindly took Eli and Harper to our lovely little music class this morning while the older siblings were having fun at Playschool. Whilst grooving away with two busy little toddlers, she also managed to capture some absolutely stunning shots of my precious little man - and now you can enjoy them too! Thanks Amber, I love them and I love having a peek into the morning - I so miss this fun little outing!

I laugh everytime I see this image. E concentrating very hard for the song where you have to touch your tongue with
your finger! That teensy tongue is so cute, huh!

The next challenge is to hold a ball under your chin. E rocks at this, if only it was an Olympic sport?!
PS. Those lips!!

If only his mother would get this kid a hair cut, right?!


  1. Isn't it awesome having a peek at your children through someone else's eyes! These are great shots too!

  2. So glad you could make use of the photos.
    Eli and the tongue action song, well it is even more hilarious in real life. The concentration he applies during that song is SO intense :P
    Can't wait till you can come along again :)

  3. These are awesome shots! Absolutely love that first one. So happy to see Amber back in the swing of things. His hair is fantastic, btw.


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