Thursday, 30 August 2012

Asleep in my arms...

My little man had a bad cold. Sniffly and sad and just not his usual cheery self. Lily was at school, I was trying to rest in bed and he was alternating watching Playschool, playing with toys and reading with me in bed. I decided to offer him a big cuddle, and so snuggled him into bed with me, my big and busy two-year old boy, patting his little back. Before I knew it, he was asleep at only 11am! I couldn't believe it as he never falls asleep like that!!! Poor little tyke must have been worn out.

Well, what can I say... this surprising sleepy snuggle was delicious!

Just so sweet to have him in my arms and peacefully slumbering....

Yes, my arm was losing circulation, and I was indeed trapped and wondering if I would starve!!

However, it was too good an opportunity to just cherish my little man and of course I didn't dare wake him! By a miracle, my camera was on my bedside table and so I managed to one-handedly snap a few little photos! Oh, and he is wearing his massive coat that his heart was just set on wearing for the entire day - funny boy.

He slumbered till the cruel phone rang and awoke him!



My trapped but happy arm!


  1. Oh that first photo is SO sweet! How special. How lucky you had your camera close!

  2. Oh this is wonderful. I am so sad he is sniffly but you have all made the best of the situation and made documentation of the delight of snuggles. Love it.

  3. What a precious set of photos. The first one is so BEAUTIFUL. Hope little E is feeling better soon :)

  4. Oh lil man! Kids look so sweet when they're asleep! p.s. that jacket looks familiar... :)

    1. i know - so angelic huh!! this jacket is one i bought 2nd hand but i do have another very similar brown jacket w hood - more of a sort of canvas material - i think it might have been Baileys?!


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