Thursday, 23 August 2012

Making a Ballerina Doll

Lily got a Ballerina Doll making kit for her birthday from our lovely friend Sarah. She was absolutely thrilled to recieve it (ballerinas + craft = bliss) and has been begging me daily to be able to make it. As the actual kit was for 8+ years, I knew it would require a fair bit of help from me so it had to wait a while till I not only felt up to the task but that we didn't have busy little brother around.
So today he took an extra long nap and Lily begged and pleaded... I was feeling pretty wretched but couldn't say no as she had been waiting so long so we launched on in!

Well, it sure was a challenge!!! It said it was suitable for 8+ but it obviously should have said 33+ as I had to do pretty much the entire thing and even I was struggling!!!! Maybe this just shows how uncrafty I am, but I could only laugh when it gave instructions to simply loop and glue a big stretch of wool in a complicated triple-8 sorta figure which would miraculously turn into a pretty smooth hair bun!?!? Yeah, not so much!! Not to mention trying to pleat the tutu using tiny strips of double sided tape!!

Thankfully, the four year old sitting eagerly at my side was not fussed about my dodgy hair-bun and tutu-pleating skills and was thrilled with the end result (although I did get into a bit of trouble when the tiara fell off after two minutes!). Regardless, it was nice to spend some time doing an activity with my darling girl...

My paltry attempt... note the dodgy hair - not quite like the picture promised!

Happy girl with her ballerina!


  1. glad she likes it, sorry it was so hard :(

    1. oh sarah she totally adores it! oh i think it was just my lack of finesse, just made me laugh cos im like - 8yr olds are sposed to be able to do this!! ;) thanks again for it saraH x

  2. Craft time with Mum, what could be better!

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks and sounds so complicated! She looks SO chuffed with it though!

  4. Oh those kits were you are thinking half way in "This is SO hard, but there is no turning back now" ! It really does look like a tricky one, but look you did it and Lily looks super chuffed! :)


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