Saturday, 18 August 2012

Singing and Sweetness at the Nursing Home

I am always grateful for any opportunity to bring my kids alongside when helping others. It makes an already rich experience even richer to have my little people there, eyes and hearts opening!

A group from our church was heading to a local nursing home to do some a capella singing to entertain, cheer and bless the residents. Although outings these days for me are very rare as they take so much out of me while I am laid low with hyperemesis during this pregnancy, I was determined for our family to go as we usually would! Yeah. I can be stubborn sometimes too, I didn't want us to miss out on something we would usually be involved in after missing so much already this year. I knew I wouldn't be able to do much singing with the group, but I also knew it would be a blessing for the kids to spend some time with the elderly residents.. and that those residents would also enjoy some sweet kiddie sunshine being spread around the place (whilst also hoping not to shatter the peace with any kiddie-tantrums! Ha).

So away we went and it was well worth the visit. The singing was beautiful and uplifting and afterwards everyone from church spent time chatting with the residents who had been enjoying the music. I went around with the kids and they did a gorgeous job of saying hello to so many residents, and introducing themselves (and Eli's toy cat!) and being so friendly even when the residents weren't always able to talk back to them. They showed such gentleness and sensitivity, yeah I was pretty proud :)

Eli: I'm TWO!!!! Lily FOUR!!!
Eli charms the ladies!

I was so glad we went and so proud of the kids for showing love and kindness to some very special members of our community. Moments like these, when we step out of our world to bless others, is what I want their childhood, and our family-life, to be filled with.


  1. Love it that you took the kids there. I am sure it made the residents year! Love it xx

  2. Aw so sweet, I bet the residents LOVED seeing the little ones :-)

  3. I bet the residents LOVED it! My patients always ask if I have kids, how old they are, want to see pictures... Maybe they just want to get out of their physio treatment.


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