Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cassette Tape Decor

Well, the kids have a little Fisher Price Tape Deck with two microphones than they love to sing and groove with (no batteries in it, of course, I'm not crazy!). The retro little tape deck also has a retro little cassette tape in it from whatever 2nd hand place I picked it up from.... yes, remember cassette tapes!? The whirrrrrrrrr of rewinding them, desperately trying to find your favourite song or better yet, pausing and then rapidly hitting 'Play/Record' so you could tape your fave love song from the Top 40 radio countdown to make the most awesome mix tape of all time?!?!!?

*snaps out of reverie*

Sorry, where was I?!

Anyhoo, Eli the Investigator loved to eject then close the cassette tape holder over and over, but then whilst doing so the spool got caught on something and about 20cm of the tape thread got pulled out. Lily eyed this this mystery object with wonder and glee, so I explained what it was, then (figuring we were never going to use that tape anyway, but remembering well the absolute bliss of pulling out the spool) I showed her how she could pull out the tape herself even more - yes, it just keeps coming!

Well - wow.

Within moments, my little Miss was excitedly decorating the living/dining area for her upcoming birthday party (she hosts one for the family every day, you see) with brown plastic thread running ALL over the house. It was hilarious, she loved it, and was totally worth the use of one old cassette tape!

Amazing how far one cassette tape can go!

There is always the risk of getting tangled in your own handiwork!

The table was decorated within an inch of it's life while Little Bro watched on closely

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  1. Oh yes, I remember tapes very well. Man, that really does look fun. Her cheeky smile in that first one says it all :-)

    And how awesome that Lily has a birthday party everyday, lol...I love it!


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