Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Box of Wonders!

Getting prepared for stories in the cave!
PS For those keeping track, yes note both kiddos once more in mismatched PJs, thanks Daddy!

Our verrrrry old dishwasher finally kicked it in and so we had to order a new one quick smart (we rank dishwashers above washing machines in this household!!). The bonus? That new dishwasher came with an awesome massive BOX!

Can anyone say cubby?!

The kids were having a fine old time playing in it so I suggested reading their bedtime stories from inside the cubby (well, I sat at the entrance). They were thrilled! It was a little dark in there so the kids used their super-cool wind-up-powered torches from Ikea (thanks to Mark's parents) and we had a lovely little read. So grateful for my new short bursts of energy that allow me to get out of bed and do this.... I've really missed it!

Of course Lily could not abide a boring ol' brown box for long - before bed, she took a little time to 'bling it up' by
decorating the box with all her play jewellery and any scarves and 'pretty things' she could find.
She kills me, seriously! Love this kid!!


  1. Gotta love box play! They can seriously become anything!! Glad you got to upgrade your dishwasher...I know how much you love them! We bought ours off your recommendation lol
    So glad you're getting energy bursts now, I'm sure it'll help with keeping a positive mindset're nearly there xx

    1. yes so good to have a miele again after living w this 20yr old one since we moved in!! funny ive been kinda hoping it would die so we could upgrade, esp to match the kitchen, then of course it happens at the worst time (while im sick!) but anyway, its done now so thats good! yeah, feeling like im on the home stretch sickness-wise... so thankful!!

  2. Oh that's awesome, reminds me so much of my childhood!! Mum used to go to the whiteware shop and ask them for their fridge boxes and we would make little hideaways - so cool

  3. Ahhh, it is always the simple things that create such wonder and fun. I do love that Lily did something with that boring brown colour ;)
    So happy to hear that you are getting to see these gorgeous moments more and more over the past week :)

  4. ha ha, Lily you have the most beautiful smile. She is such a girl isn't she and I love that !!! We did a reading cave a couple of months ago and the girls loved it. I poked holes in the top with a pen and then poked christmas lights through the holes. They looked like stars from inside the cave. Maybe save that one for when you are feeling a bit stronger, or get dad to do it ;)

    1. oh your reading cave sounds magical!! love the lights, ur kids would have loved that! will have to get hubby on to that step i think :)


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