Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Balloons and Rosies

Our dear friend Rosie, who is all sunshine and sweet laughter, is laid up in hospital after undergoing major back surgery for chronic back issues which I won't even try to explain here but suffice to say I know the girl has lived in a lot of pain in recent years, though she masks it well behind her warm smile.

So off to visit her we went.... bringing a helium balloon for some cheer along with a parcel of Lily's many drawings and she even made a hand drawn 'magazine' for Rosie's reading pleasure!!

A little play with the balloon before we gift it to Rosie!

'How does it stay up there?'


Argh, he is such a little dude! I love him!!

Snacks to keep the kids occupied during the visit!

Eli catches up with Rosie .
Btw, don't be fooled by how fab she looks, the girl is still in a LOT of pain during recovery...

Cuddles with Rosie.... very gentle, tentative cuddles!

Kids starting to go wild, bonking themselves on the head... um... that's our cue to leave!!

The kids absolutely adooooore Rosie (as does everyone) and the visit to the hospital was just one big adventure to them.... they even got to check out Rosie's cool new scar! Just hope they weren't too rowdy or wearing on the patient!! It was just so good to see her and give her some love. Rosie has been the focus of many prayers during this ordeal....her gentle spirit has endured so much pain and although we know there is a long road of recovery ahead, her friends and family are cheering her on every step of the way!

Love you, Ringaring!! xx


  1. Your girls are gorgeous. I love the photo of goldilocks being carried along by the balloon. Gorgeous.

  2. Oh I bet that visit cheered her up so much!! They are too cute. Lily's hair is soooo long!!

  3. Hope Rosie recovers well and quickly! Such cute photos of your sweet, kind children! And I am in love with Lily's jacket. A great outfit for the autumn weather!

    1. thanks so much! isnt her jacket so cute? yes every 3yr old needs an on-trend military jacket! ;) its a Gap one we got hand me down - love it!


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