Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Trampoline Tumbling on Wonderful Wednesdays...

My dear friend Amber of We Stood Together and I have recently worked out a winning arrangement for Wednesdays when our two older kiddos are at Playschool for 3 hours. One week I take both the younger siblings for the morning and the next week she does. Usually the one with the littlies takes them to a fun local music class for some energy-burning! Which then leaves one of us with about 2.5 hours blissfully child-free. Except rather than sipping cappucinos and getting manicures, we tend to spend the time tearing through house, sorting out closets and outgrown clothing, and other such un-glamourous but must-do tasks. Nonetheless, it is a relaxing and refreshing time off!! And we are both feeling Rather Pleased with this new arrangement and the practical way we can help each other as SAHMs get a little time out for those things we otherwise just don't get time for!

Soooo, today we had the pleasure of Miss Harper's company. Eli and Harper adore each other, get along well and among many other activities, enjoyed a good romp on the trampoline in the soft Autumn sunshine. Any attempt to actually decently capture two bouncing toddlers in the same shot however... yeah, pretty slim chance!!

Girl on the move...

Up in the air he flies!

Taking a moment to chill with Mama - love my snugglebug!

I think Eli is trying to impress Harper with his Bear impression!
Bear roars and Little Girl scampers with squeals of glee!

Smooshy Nose from Sweet Harper


  1. LOVE these photos! harper told me all about the trampoline fun she had at your house today. Boy she loves coming over to your house and hanging out with you and little E.
    Oh yes, we are very pleased with the arrangement indeed :)
    It really couldn't be working out any better could it?
    Thanks again for looking after Miss Harper. There wasn't much relaxing going on this morning for me but I do feel organised AND I have a clean house - boo-ya! xxx

    1. yes im just tickled pink it is all working out so nicely!!! just love it that we get to do this together :) so glad you got to get all packed and organied, enjoy your trip now xx

  2. Sounds like the perfect arrangement! I'm sure these two little blonde cuties have a ball.

  3. Great shots! Trampolining and blue skies, we've had a bit of that around here too lately. Perfect outdoor running around weather. That does sound like a super arrangement you've got going on! It's amazing how much you can get done without a little one (or two) around, even for the smallest amount of time.

    1. yep sure is amazing how much i got done in such a short time - esp the energy i had to make the most of it!!!

  4. That does sound rather pleasing! I think I need a Kate or Amber! Love the scampering shot - it put a huge smile on my face :)

  5. cute!!.. love shots in a trampoline!..

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