Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Horsey Wrestles with Daddy

There are certain things I never quite imagined hearing come from the mouths of my children.

'Daddy, please can I just have one little punch in the guts before bedtime!?'

...would be one of them!

Before you go calling Child Services, this is just Lily requesting some play-wrestling fun before bed - or Horsey Wrestles as she calls it (Lily's amalgam of Horsey Rides and Wrestling).

Yes, my three year old daughter loves to wrestle with her Daddy - it is their nightly routine involve all manner of  mock-violence, shrieking, giggling, full body slams, somersaults and so on... and that's just from Lily!

Lily begs for mock punches in the guts (seriously, Mark!?), to be rolled off the bed, to get flipped upside down, to fly in the air, all the while trying to pinch her Dad's nose before he can catch her.

She absolutely adores this time with her Daddy and though I can hardly bear to watch the shenanigans (I snuck in tonight to capture some pics) I love hearing the shrieks and giggles of their bonding time, with only the very rare wail of a wrestling move gone awry.

Note: Sorry about the horrendous blurriness of the pics, I'm struggling to get the right setting for action shots!

Punch in the Guts

Hysterical giggles...

Lily prepares Daddy for the full-body slam to come...

I know Mark has very fond memories of play wrestling with his wonderful Dad all through childhood, and I love that he is passing that fun on to his own children.

Daddy/Daughter time is a very special thing and I love that they share it... even if it is a little more violent than I would have expected!


  1. What a wonderful series Kate! I can almost hear the giggles from here :) I'm pretty sure there are child experts somewhere who have done years of research to show that rough-housing with daddy is incredibly beneficial to healthy child-parent relations and is an essential part of the bed time routine.

    We don't have a daddy in our household, so I find myself being a schizophrenic parent, winding my son up with some rough and tumble, then trying to wind him back down with a story and a cuddle. :|
    We don't have any 'punch in the guts' in our repertoire though. Maybe I need some lessons from your hubby! LOL!

    1. hey tarnya, thanks hon! well as a matter of fact, yup the research has been done! I read about some of it Steve Biddulphs excellent book 'raising boys' on all the benefits of father/son wrestling. Well, i happen to think those same benefits apply to father/daughter and mother/son wrestling too, so i think we are both on track!! :) Mark does the wind down story too... so you know what, i think you are doing a *stellar* job doing both (and more) w your amazing boy! Although, yes, a little 'punch in the guts' never goes astray haha!! :)

  2. A lovely series. Starts in shrieks ang giggles and ends in cuddles.

  3. Oh what a wonderful post! Love the wind up for the full body slam :)

  4. Gorgeous Daddy and daughter nightly ritual documented right there. Harper LOVES wrestling with her Daddy too :)

  5. Ooohh such fun, would love to be there and referee lol xx

  6. Daddies definitely do the best wrestling. Our daddy has been away for a month and I try - but I'm nowhere near as fun in this department! Love this series Kate - you've really captured such fun & joyous times!


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