Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Frolicking in the Autumn Leaves...

Oh dear, only a toddler and already has his undies
hanging out of his pants!?

Look at how his ringlets form sweet little sausage curls.... enjoy them now cos a cut is coming!! :(

Such a little gentleman...

Hansel and Gretel... aka Eli and Harper on a sweet little stroll...


  1. What a GORGEOUS and joyful photo essay. I was like, but where's all the words :P So unlike you Kate!
    Love the picture of Eli bending over to touch the leaves...AND the shot of our two cuties walking hand in hand. Too cute! Can I please have a copy?????
    Thank you again for today. For everything you did. You are a wonderful, wonderful friend. xxxxx

    1. I was going to post EXACTLY what Amber just said :)

      Great photos Kate :)

    2. i knowwww!!! no words - very unlike me! well partly cos i was out tonight so posting late but just felt like the pics spoke for themselves and no words were really going to add to it so just cut to the chase for once... radical huh!!! :) yes, harper and eli walking together, two little angels!!

  2. Oh, I wish we had more autumn leaves where we lived! Just so I could take pics like this!!! I'll be sad when Eli has his hair cut :-(

  3. What a fun time he had! Love the colours in these pics! Fantastic :)


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