Friday, 25 May 2012

They make my heart sing...

A while back I picked up this awesome little retro Fisher-Price tape deck with microphones. Remember them?? I mean, come on, how cute is it?! As I try to avoid toys with batteries, needless to say I haven't put any in to make the microphones/tape work... and even more needless to say - my kids are Plenty Loud Enough without amplification!!! Irregardless, lately they have taken to setting up in some hip locale in the house and rockin' out together, wailing songs at the top of their precious little lungs! Noisy delight that is (mostly) always welcome...

I love it. Love seeing them warbling away together with much earnestness and intensity. Love watching these best friends laughing, singing, playing and performing together. Love that in the middle of a very busy and hectic day, my babies put on a show, and I got to stop and watch and soak up a little of their sweet, sweet music. They make my heart sing songs I never even knew existed....

Lily really rocking out, Eli more a Crooner!

Oh, yes - Eli is indeed wearing Daddy's shoes in this shot.. he loves shoes and any adult shoes he comes across in the house are immediately put on so he can clomp around happily! Such a character, this boy, you just never know what his next funny idea will be!

As children of this generation, I also love that they have no idea what the cassette tape is, but they open and close the case by pressing the Eject button, taking out the cassette and call it 'changing the batteries'! Heehee!

Holding the mike like a true Rock Star!

You get the best volume from actually inserting the microphone into your mouth?!


  1. Haha Kate, your kids would get on so well with Charlotte. Love that they are playing together but they look like quite the little performers. Gorgeous photos.

  2. This is so cool! I love the microphone in mouth shot - very rock! It must be nice to get some impromptu performances!

  3. So cute!! Love Eli's hat too =)


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