Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'First Haircuts' x Two

Today was the big day of first hair cuts for BOTH my babies....

Eeeeeek indeed!

I had wavered back and forth about doing it but decided it was time at long last as Eli's hair was really getting out of control! I made an appointment though I kept thinking - should I really be doing this?! 

Btw, sorry for the mountain of pics but... just could not help myself. Sniff!

Before shots - two long locked kids!!

No surprise that they were both born with full heads of hair!

My hip friend tells me Lily's hair colouring is all the rage right now, called balayage (going from dark to light) -
and to think I'm cutting it off when it grew that way naturally?! Amazing to see how dark she has gone at the roots
from light blond at the tips - and she was born with BLACK HAIR!! 

His beautiful luscious ringlets...
I will never forget the white blonde swirl at the top of his head... love!

Two little monkeys excited for their big day!

So how did it go? Firstly I must say that *I* did not cry!! That in itself was an accomplishment, right?! Well, it was all so busy and happening so fast I didn't really get the chance to get sentimental! Eli however did... at first. He sat down happily but when she started snipping he started crying and saying 'Hair! Hair!' and pointing at his head. So sad! I guess the darling boy was pretty attached to his golden locks too! We had 'role played' hairdresser all morning but I guess there is nothing quite like the real thing... anyway I produced my secret weapon (lollipop) and that kept him calm and happy for the rest of the cut, with crackers in one hand and lollipop in the other!!

My curls!!! My curls!!!

How will I charm the ladies now?!

Hmmm, this lollipop looks pretty good - maybe it will solve all my woes!

I decided to not take heaps off in the cut, but just to bring up the top quite a bit and trim the bottom in hopes of preserving his sweet curls! Well, that said, his hair was looong (like half way down his back when wet) so they did cut off a lot. Oh and of course I collected some snippets of both the kids' hair in ziplock bags!

Actually this is looking pretty good!! (note sweet curl on the counter)

As for Lily, well the Little Lady strolled on in as if she had been getting salon cuts her whole life! The hairdresser couldn't believe it was her first cut. Pretty much anything girly/grown up, Lily is totally sold on, so she was soooo excited and was grinning happily the whole time  and sitting totally still (but still requested a lollipop of course, gotta take one when you can!). Her cut was not as dramatic, just a trim of a couple inches off the back. 

Lily checks out the finished product  'Yes, not too shabby!'

My little girl with her newly trimmed locks!

My Mum (who I had waited on cutting their hair until her return from her holiday) arrived just as I was making payment at the end. She couldn't find the place!!! Shame :(

Afterwards we went to my friend's new cafe/restaurant for babycinos to celebrate my suddenly-much-older-looking babies!

My suddenly older looking and much darker-blonde little man!

Check that pinky finger!! He can drink his babycino with pizzazz!

My little man - gotta admit I love being able to properly see his precious little face
and sweet neck!

Yay, we still got curls!!! 

So we all survived the big milestone and they are both very proud of their new hair cuts! Eli keeps walking around patting his head muttering 'Big boy! Hair cut! Big boy! Hair cut!' so yeah... I think he also recognises today as a rite of passage and possibly some entrance into manhood!?


  1. How cute! Thanks for sharing. I like how Eli's expression changed when he was given a lolly.

  2. oh poor Eli, those curls!!! The hair cuts look great and Lily you are one classy little lady, you made me smile so big.

  3. Love the pic of Eli drinking his 'coffee' - he sure does look grown up!

  4. Lol, it is amazing how the woeful,hysterical face changed to 'oh!' once that lollipop was securely in his hand. So funny, loved it.

  5. Small step for the kiddos, giant leap for mum!!

  6. They look gorgeous! Thank you for sharing in this special moment.

  7. Nooo, I almost couldn't scroll down to see Eli's haircut, his hair is just so beautiful, but they did a great job and he looks so handsome. The series of him getting his cut is hilarious. And of course Lily looks beautiful as well (love her jacket - totally stylin' with her new do!).

  8. They look lovely! Charming as always.... (from Andrea)
    not sure how to put my name???

  9. Finally, the big cut! You're a brave mama for doing it, too. It must be a little traumatic for you as well. Eli looks very grown up now. And I love the shots of him crying! (Sounds evil, I know. But it just marks the moment so well. "Oh total devastation! Oh travesty!" "Lolly?" "Oooh...") xx

  10. Oh my. My heart.... I just didnt want to read this post as I was afraid for you! haha but seriously they both look great. Eli still has curls - I am just as thrilled as you are - and his hair is not as short as I had expected. All in all I love it! So proud of you mama Kate! And that shot of Eli crying - just about broke my heart <3 such a sweet boy.

    1. heehee yes it was scary!!! isnt it crazy they took INCHES off yet it is still pretty long?! shows how long it actually was, lol!!!! yeah i couldnt go super short and am glad he still has his curly locks for now! yep a big milestone for us all....

  11. loved to read another story of your life!


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