Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Loofahs as Fashion Accessories!

Lily spotted my Shower Loofah in the laundry basket (post-wash!) and before I knew it, had re-purposed it as only a gal like her can do...I mean, what else could it possibly be for??

Very proud of herself, little accessory lovin' lady!

Of course Eli had to try it out!

Of course there was more triplet time today, and Eli was extremely devoted in pushing the babies in their little swings... for ages. No-one asked or showed him, he just saw babies in seats and innately knew they would enjoy a little rockin'... bless him! He was even rocking two babies at once, side by side. What a pro!

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  1. Ha, ha! What a funny girl!
    Love the shot of Eli. He is really digging his baby cousins isn't he? :)


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