Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sleeping Baby Boy...

Every night I creep into Lily's room before I go to bed, to pull up her covers, kiss her soft cheeks and gaze in gratitude at my sweet treasure, offering a prayer of thanks and blessing. Sidenote: Is there any parent who checks on their child and does not automatically adjust the bed covers?? It's some kind of parenting instinct, I'm pretty sure! 

Sadly, I have not been able to do this ritual with Eli as he has always been such a light sleeper that you only have to touch the door knob and he would shoot straight up in bed in shock and horror at the interruption (then cry). I've always been sad to miss out on late night baby-gazing but hey... I also don't wanna mess with a peacefully sleeping baby!!

Then last night Mark casually informed me he has been checking on Eli (and Lily) late at night too for quite a while, and Eli no longer even stirs but slumbers deeply.



So tonight I marched (well, crept) on in, and lo and behold, he slumbered away without even a twitch... even though I boldly took photos by the light of the camera phone. I was not going to miss out on documenting my deeply sleeping little darling!!

Sleeping Cherub

Love how he sleeps curled on his tummy - note on the left his beloved Horsey peeking out
 from under him and blankey tucked to the right. He always sleeps clutching his treasures!

Yay for baby-gazing... plenty more to come!!


  1. Oh that second photo is crazy cute. Sleeping with his bum up and his treasures close. It is so sweet to be able to document these little habits they have, because they don't last long. So glad that you are now able to sneak in and see this cuteness!

  2. How precious that you are now able to sneak in and see your little man asleep. And a great capture to treasure this memory.

  3. I love the second photo as well! I love peeking in and seeing V still sleeping like this - it reassures me that she's still my baby, even though she's getting bigger. (I also have to check. I just *have* to! I'm glad you get to now, too!)

  4. Oh - I am so glad - I can't check on my little man either - we have to guessimate the clothes and heater arrangements, because heaven forbid we try to creep in to make him snug at night, he wakes up and HOWLS!
    I LOVE how he is all curled up and snuggly. Gorgeous!

  5. Awwww, I am so glad that you now get to see this sweet little boy sleeping. I love the second pic, with his bottom up in the air, all bundled up.
    There is nothing better than checking on your children when they are fast asleep (and yes I ALWAYS adjust the sheets/doona after kissing Finn ;) Still can't go into Harper as she is a light sleeper :( )

  6. Those are my favourite moments - when the little angels are sound asleep. I love kissing their cheeks and stroking their eyebrows.


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