Thursday, 10 May 2012


The children's beloved grandparents have been away for five loooong weeks, swanning around Italy on a touring holiday, if you please! This morning they finally came home, which allowed a halt at last from Lily asking several times a day if they are home yet, Eli trying to call them on his toy mobile, Lily weeping because Nana doesn't know when she is feeling lonely (yes, really), etc etc. Yes, the children truly adore their Nana and Papa! They live mere minutes from our house and are a big part of our lives so we have all missed them greatly whilst they gallivanted around on their magical trip of a lifetime... it has felt like they have been gone for months!

So, off we trotted this morning to the airport to greet them...

Eli wriggling around but Lily watched the doors like a HAWK. So intently... she has missed them soooo much!

Two little sweethearts anxiously waiting in a sea of suits... (sorry its blurry but I loved this moment!) 

And suddenly they arrived...

Reunited once more.... much joy!!


  1. What a beautiful story you've told - in words AND pictures. Love the one of Lilly watching for her grandparents. Also? She rocks the tutu and boots combo :)

  2. Awwww, the photo of Lily poking her head around to see her grandparents is sooooo lovely. Bet it was a looooong wait this morning !

  3. This is so sweet. my babies are close to there grandparents too, your little story brought tears to my eyes.

  4. they are too cute!!! i can just imagine - i get like that too :)
    beautiful photos x


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