Monday, 21 May 2012

Triplets are Cousins are Loved

My sister is in town for the week with her adorable six-month-old triplet boys... my darling nephews! It is the first time the kids have been able to properly meet and hang out with them and it was a sweet little union, for sure.

Lily and Eli were just so adoring of their little cousins, doting, kissing, cuddling, feeding bottles and tickling (and occasionally squashing just a bit).

The classic moment was when Megan was bringing them out from their naps one by one (yep, they just kept coming) and Eli was shrieking 'More babies!!! More babies!!!'. He was pretty pleased to have so many to nurture and snuggle, as was Little Mama Lily!

So wonderful to think this little crew of five are family... cousins... for life! And though we don't live close, I know there will be so many fun, mischievous, bonding and adventurous holidays and visits in the future. What a blessing for them all...

Cousin-y Kisses from Eli to Alex

At Nana's house there are many many special treasures - one of which is this antique
ceramic dog that Eli is enraptured with. He is only allowed to hold it sitting
down and he is ever so gentle with his treasure!

Lily charming little Sam

The five cousins united at last... oh, what cousinly adventures await them all!!

Lily takes her role as eldest cousin very seriously - watching over them all always!

Alex, Sam and Joe - Three Beautiful Miracles!


  1. *Squeal, squeal, squeal!!!!* How wonderful that the boys are in town and FINALLY getting to hang out with their baby-lovin' cousins. I know how much it would mean to Lily and Eli to have some time with their new little cousins. Eli's quote of "MORE babies" was so funny!
    Love the shots of the 5 of them together on the rug. Many, many great cousin moments await them :)

  2. Goodness! That's a lot of babies! I love the shots of them all together on the rug. So great.

  3. So gorgeous! Look at those yummy babies!! x

  4. triplets, yowza! how wonderful for the cousins to start what will be a lifetime of adventures. I'm sure they'll all treasure these photos when they are all grown up. x

  5. I can't wait to see them. I love the pic of 5 of them together. Wait till Ann's little one joins them.


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