Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Let's put on a SHOW!

In our little home, we are treated to amazing free performances pretty often. Yes, we are lucky ducks! We sit on the couch and in front of our trusty Expedit bookshelf, our resident artiste, Lily, performs some kind of song/interpretive dance/dramatic creation for her fans. Tickets are paid for, distributed and collected. Bows and curtsies and cheers are aplenty. Sometimes actual songs are performed, mostly ones she has made up (on the spot). Self-taught Ballet moves are gracefully displayed. Eli and I sit and enjoy the show, clap and cheer, then usually Eli takes a turn, running to the 'stage', warbling his tune and then finishing up when he is ready with a raucous shriek of 'GOOD JOB!!!' and a big clap for himself, our cue to join in. On occasion I am also required to perform also but thankfully my skills are not usually required!

I admit it is impossible for me to take off my fiercely-tinted and heavily-biased 'Adoring Mother' glasses, so I honestly don't know if this video will be totally adorable to anyone else except immediate family, but in the interests of posterity I cannot resist sharing this segment of the show. Feel free to skip if its just a bit too much!! It is not the funniest, or the quirkiest or the most active of her efforts... but her intent and earnest yet somewhat distracted rendition just kills me... kills me in an 'I love watching you so much, my quirky little bird' kind of way. Apologies it is so long, I couldn't work out how to cut it down and the quality is dodgy as it was taken on the regular camera. But I know I will never want to forget Lily's charming, passionate and ever so earnest little shows....

In case it is not very clear, the (rather disturbing?!) song is about a baby who gets snapped up by a crocodile (accompanied by very emphatic crunching sounds in subsequent versions) then the baby prays to God, the crocodile spits her out and she is rescued by her mother. Yeah...um, I don't really know what to make of it either!!! At the end the tune morphs into Lily's favourite song 'Doh a Deer' from Sound of Music but please rest assured the lyrics are all the songstress's own!! ;) 

Of course Little Brother has learnt from the best and although he mostly prefers to watch his amazing sister in action, he does like to throw in a few performances for the adoring crowds. Here he is, back pressed against the shelf, earnestly and quietly warbling about 'Poor Baby' and please note when he displays his 'ballet pointed toes' for your appreciation and how midway through he picks up a book and puts it away... typical Eli!! Normally his performances are pretty short but today he just kept on going! Sorry the video is long, again, I couldn't cut it down...

Little E warbles his sweet little song...

Siblings Showtime!

Rocking out some ballet moves...

Baby takes a bow...

These are the days, my friends.... just sitting around on the couch with my treasures, enraptured in their (unknowingly) hilarious, quirky, charming little songs and performances. They are putting on a show, you see, and I am so happy and honoured that it is my job to watch them. My job to be there, to love them and love what they do, and know that nobody else could ever love them or enjoy their silly shows as much as I. Cos I'm their Mummy, they are mine, and just as every Mama feels about her child, I am totally besotted.

Yep... Best.Job.Ever.


  1. Bring on the quirk I say! I love your quirky kids :)
    Love the imagination in Lily's song. It was all quite dramatic wasn't it?
    I too marvel at these little performances from my own too. To have the confidence, passion and joy to stand in front of a (small) crowd and perform, well yeah it gets me everytime too!

  2. Love the lyrics lol xxx So reminds me of Marcus and Chris performing with Kate and Peter McKenzie in Adelaide. :))) xxx

  3. this is adorable! so glad you posted the video...star in the making!

  4. Awww Kate, I love it! Gosh your posts make me laugh, you really have a way with words. And that last paragraph - sums up what motherhood is all about really. What more can you say than that!


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