Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mother's Day, Our Way...

We have a general policy in our family of celebrating Mother's and Father's Day on the Saturday rather than Sunday... for a few reasons but mainly because we as a family are also committed to worshipping with our church on Sunday mornings, but on those two days a year, getting up and out of the house in time for this kinda kills the idea of lazing around with breakfast in bed and so on! Also because we have parents in town, we want to celebrate and honour them too on those special days buuuuut also feel a little bit protective of wanting to do our own 'little family' thing for the day so... winning solution? Just make our day on Saturday instead so we set aside a whole day for celebrating us as Mothers/Fathers... then on Sunday we can focus on parents, church, and so on without feeling so rushed. (Let's be honest, the Mama or Papa usually gets a little residual spoiling on the Sunday as well, and why on earth not?!). Best of both worlds! We make the rules and it works for us so... yay!

So, today was my day to be cherished by my little good they are to me!

Mother's Day cuddles are the sweetest.... 

It was delightful. A looong sleep-in followed by the obligatory yet always appreciated breakfast in bed... delicious raspberry and banana pancakes - thanks, honey!!! Lily charged in several times with her own home-made cappucinos (!) as well. A gorgeous card with a list from the kids of things they love about me such as...

  • Smooshy kisses (L)
  • Mummy! Cuggle! (E)
  • She let's me go to my school (L)
  • Awake!!! (E)
  • She gives us ice-blocks in the bath (L)
  • I love when she cuddles with me (L)

And some precious drawings from Lily. No presents at my request... I just wanted a day full of sweet moments with my little crew and a little relaxation to top it off!

Guess how much I love you, Mummy?

Smooshy Kisses

Blurry photo, magical moments - Tickle-fests on the bed!

I love little family outings so that is how I requested we spend the day... we went off to Marymead's Family Fun Day Fair, (a fundraiser for a local children's charity where I used to work pre-kids) and we had a fine old time rifling through bric a brac and 2nd hand clothes, munching on sausages in bread with oodles of tomato sauce, and the kids had the time of their lives, jumping on the jumping castle and getting faces painted! Seeing them having so much fun was the greatest treasure I found that day! (although I did get some cool other bargains, I must admit!)

Somebody was a little bit thrilled to get her face painted!

Eli chose to get this rockin' Zebra tattoo (airbrushed - should last a week?!)

Stuffing in a cupcake... in the zone!

Jumping on the jumping castle, happy as can be...

Afterwards we went to the big warehouse 'shop' at the rubbish tip (all the recycled goods) - oh, the hours I used to spend trawling through that place looking for treasures to repurpose, repaint or re-use in some way! I hadn't been for ages, so, strange as it may seem, I was really looking forward to pawing through all the goodies... although I didn't find the items I was after, it was fun seeing all the crazy stuff in there and just strolling around.

We came home, and after the family napped/rested, I got to spend the rest of the afternoon lying in bed, reading! I listened to the happy sounds of the children chasing each other through the house (bear attacks, usually), and my beloved husband making pizza dough for the evening meal. I had occasional visits from the two cherubs, ripe for cuddles and a few good books together, but was also able to finish reading the touching memoir Bloom which I started at my Mama's retreat and had slowed down in reading as I was savouring each page and did not want to finish! But finish I did at last... with tears in my eyes, a smile on my lips and a heart filled with devotion for my children. A beautiful day indeed... a good day to be a mother!

My heart overflows with gratitude for these sweet blessings in my arms... 


  1. Oh you look like you had a wonderful mothers day! What a great idea by the way :-P

  2. Kate, this is the most gorgeous post. So many memorable Mother's Day moments. Your day sounded so relaxed and firming focused on you and your family being together. I just love that.
    Every photo in this post is precious.
    So glad that you got some chilled uot time to read your book. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying it. I am feeling so inspired by her words and outlook. Gosh, I admire her for her strength.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, a beautiful Mother in every way. xxx

    1. *Firmly
      -ahh, what is up with me and my spelling tonight!

  3. Wonderful! You are an awesome mother who clearly adores her children. Glad you had a sleep in and some fantastic quality time with your kidlets. Those pancakes sound pretty good too! my4boysandme

  4. Lovely post of what looks like a lovely day! Some beautiful photos too, the one of Lily with her face painted is fab, but the ones of you with your little people are too precious. Happy Mother's Day!


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