Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Littlest Dancing Queen

Yes, the day has come... Lily's first dance class.

'Mummy, I can't stop smiling 'cos I'm so happy!!!!!' she squealed at me with her perma-grin on her face, and her tappy toes whirring and jiggling under the table as she tried to eat breakfast.

All aflutter - today is the day!

She giddily chose her tutu from her dress up collection, and I attempted to do her hair... Argh, I am terrible at kid's hair and have pretty much come to terms with the fact my kids will all be the ones with scruffy hair!!! However, I tried so hard to do a cute bun - the first attempt fell out in two minutes so I had to try again. As I brushed and scraped she told me sweetly 'Thank you Mummy for letting me go to ballet class, I'm feeling so happy!'. Bless this child and her grateful heart...

Pre- class Kisses

Waiting in the Dance School foyer for class to start, she could hardly contain her awe and glee to be in those hallowed halls - eyes darting everywhere! Bouncing introductions were made to anyone else who came by (mostly little girls also clad in various fairy skirts). Ballet shoes were eagerly put on - finally in use in a 'real ballet class'! No uniform or shoes were required but of course Lily was desperate to wear her skirt and shoes!

A special surprise was Harper and Amber arriving - Harper is an old pro at the dance class, but they managed to switch classes to our day so we could all go together. Yes, we are clever Mamas arranging all this for our girls... oh yeah, and for us! ;)

Anxiously waiting for class to start... ballet slippers tightly clutched in hand..

Heyyyyyy Baby, fancy seeing you here!

Finally... it was go time!

A little pre-class warm up with toe-pointing!

Being a class for toddlers and preschoolers, parents are encouraged to participate, but just as I was getting my groove on, Lily anxiously tugged at my shirt and whispered 'Please, Mummy, can you sit down so I can do it by myself?'

Yeah, Mama got told!! Heehee! I think she was just so excited to be part of the class, she was eager to have her own space and do it all on her own like a big girl... yes, Little Miss Independent!!!

I laughed and sat down with a rueful smile (ahhhh, a break!), with tears in my eyes only at the fact that my little girl has grown up so much, so ready to do her own thing (sometimes!) and make the most of this very special occasion. She is just so confident and eager to explore the world. How can it charm me so, while also feeling like it's a little bit breaking my heart?!

The joy flows from her smile to those precious outstretched fingers...

Intently following the teacher...

Eli alternately sat with me watching, roamed around the spacious room or joined in the class at the bits he deemed interesting - so I only needed to participate in the sections he needed assistance in like instruments. It felt like a really relaxed space for him to explore, which was great as I didn't have to stress over him - he was loving it! It was pretty darn cute - Lily was off merrily twirling, Eli watching her by my side, then every few minutes he would just go barrelling through the class towards her for a massive hug, then come back again. Over and over. Yeah, I think little brother was pretty proud of his sis too!

When little brothers attack... Eli goes in for the 'Cuggle'

As for Lily? Well, earnest probably best describes it. She was on. Fully present, desperate to do her best and be the fully fledged dancer she is in her heart. Hands clenched, mega-grin on her face, besotted eyes never for a moment leaving off the lovely sweet teacher... Lily eagerly and devotedly mimicked every jump, hop and twirl with utmost determination. Ridiculously cute seeing her little hands swirling on cue, following the leader, giving her all.

She loved it. And oh, how I loved watching her love it.

I think my mega-grin probably matched hers, no doubt appearing the ultimate besotted mama as I tearily smiled and watched her prance and sway and soak up every little dance beat. As she trotted around in the circles, she kept shooting me her radiant smile as if to say 'Can you believe this is really happening? I'm dancing, I'm in class, I'm loving it!!' 

She was there, dancing, and my heart danced with her... every step!

Butterfly legs for my little ballerina... 

It was a simply adorable class, relaxed whilst also teaching some great principles. A few simple dance steps (like the chicken dance!), stretching, posture, instruments and so on. I loved when they did some imaginative dancing like 'leaf collecting' and just free time to run around and dance as their hearts desired. I admit to having some mixed feelings about introducing her to this world, but I was really happy with the content and the focus. All the kiddies were so engaged and enjoying it.

Of course she has been raving, remembering and rehearsing ever since... and can hardly believe she gets to go back next week! Oh, the fun that awaits you, precious girl...

Examining herself, post-class, and rather pleased with her performance, I think!


  1. aaaaahhhhh this is such a beautiful post. Your sweet girl and her sweet story is gorgeous. She looks SO grown up and independent. It must be an amazing feeling for a little person to have something *all their own* to love.

  2. Oh the best! What a big girl. It's a lovely sad feeling when you get told not to interfere huh. So glad they are so big, a big sad they are not small. She looks like she had the most amazing day.

  3. Oh Kate - your love for your girl just emanates from this post. I love these photos, my favourite is the one where she's waiting to go - just a bundle of enthusiasm! Such a beautiful moment, such a proud mama, and what a beautiful tiny dancer!

  4. Oh Wow what a glorious experience for Lily and you Kate. Sounds like this little girl got her dream. Soooo happy for her and proud of your being happy for her, (even if being told to watch from a distance :( :)))

    Can't wait for more dreamy dancing posts.



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