Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday School with Teacher Mummy

Guess who is teaching the Preschool Bible Class this month?


A 'little' Bible reading... literally!

Thankfully my kids are at the age where they think this is cool and not lame to have Mum as teacher!

They Bible Class and adore their teachers... what a blessing to see them loving it and a treat to be sharing God's good words with them at this time.

'Thank you Teacher Mummy for being my teacher' Lily told me afterwards - heehee!


  1. Very sweet how intently they're reading their little Bibles together!

  2. That is simply adorable. How precious that they can learn such important lessons from their Mummy and how she has taken on a roll to pass on her love for reading the bible. Such a beautiful and precious moment. Well done Mummy on being such an awesome role model.

  3. What a wonderful experience for your children and yourself! I'm sure they think you are 'cool.'

  4. Why hellow teacher Kate!
    I can just imagine you doing a wonderful job as the teacher and I KNOW they would both love to have you leading their class :)


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