Saturday, 5 May 2012

Retreating and a little Romance!

After my rejuvenating and refocusing day before, my retreat continued when I awoke in my hotel room around 9.30am to Room Service tapping on the door to deliver my breakfast. Ooh yeah, I could get used to this!!! (But won't, don't worry, that's part of the fun!)

Ok, the food wasn't all that amazing but hey, it was delivered to me and I didn't have to make it so I was happy! Not to mention getting to eat it and drink my cappucino while reading my book in bed. Oooh yeah!

I checked out at 11am, feeling all kinds of chilled out, then headed to the shopping centre for a little retail therapy to finish off my retreat. Well, buying flannelette sheets isn't all that glamourous but it needed to be done and it was good to have the time to do it - I even got to cruise around in an op-shop, which I love to do, picking up a few little treasures including some fun things for the kids.

I then hurried home, renewed and refreshed, to reunite with my precious family. Ohhhh, so good to be home again. My most precious three greeted me, waiting eagerly out the front of the house for my return, with squeals and laughs, kisses and bear hugs.

This is where I belong and I only went away in order to return more fully to them. Yes, home is where my heart is, with my sweet three.

They had a fine old time in my absence, with pizza-making, games and good times. Mark had everything in hand including the laundry... what a champ!! Lily assured me she had missed me and it was so good to snuggle up with them and talk about what wild adventures we had been up to.

Ready to head out for a night on the town with my love!

That night, we had already organised to head out for a date night after a friend had offered to babysit. After already being away for 24 hours it seemed decadent to go out again so soon, but it turned out to be perfect - a lovely opportunity to spend time with my love, and to talk about all the things I had thought about in my time away, and to discuss together our family values and priorities for the year ahead. Not to mention eating ourselves silly, laughing together as we tend to do (we consider ourselves highly-amusing in our own little world!) and then heading to the movies for a late film. A fabulous night out on the town reconnecting with my beloved just us two was the perfect ending to my weekend retreat of refreshing...

*happy sigh*


  1. Oh my, you lucky pampered thing! You must be feeling amazing! And dates too...I cannot conceal my green right now. But very happy for you and your family who will definitely benefit from a well-cared for mumma :)

    1. thank you Hannah yes i do feel very lucky/spoilt/blessed/pampered!!! and as you said i hope i can pass this on to benefit my family! but HEY maybe this could be a reality for you too?? if you read my previous post it links to a website with heaps of great reasons and ways to make it happen - you deserve some time too!!! chat w your hubby and see huh! xx

  2. All of this sounds so wonderful! Good for you! Like Hannah, I'm looking pretty green right now too :-)

    1. Faith as i just said to Hannah - plsssssss check out my previous post and links and chat w your hubby about making it happen for you to! with a little planning and saving you could also soak up some rest and relaxation - i would LOVE to hear that its happening!!! go on, you deserve it mama!

  3. Good for you, Kate! Sure puts some balance into your life.


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