Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vintage Wedding Wonderland...

We attended the sweetest wedding in Sydney today, of two lovely friends joining together in love and life... Dan and Tabitha. Tabitha is a graphic designer with amazing talents and a love of vintage which the wedding sure showcased in all its glory - romantic, whimsical, quaint and beautiful with so many special touches! The love story and uniting faith of this gorgeous couple made it a day we were sooooo excited to celebrate with them! They are going to have such a beautiful and inspiring life together... so happy for them!

Yet another failed family portrait attempt - these days I can only laugh!

The Great Hall at Sydney University was a stunning and very formal ceremony venue...

Keeping the kids contained in their seats and quiet while we waited 40 minutes for the bride to arrive was.... challenging... to say the least! Not to mention getting through the ceremony too! (Did I mention it was in the middle of naptime?) But we made it, and it was an honour to see the bride and groom wed in such a gorgeous location, with so much love, faith and romance emanating through the hall...

The children waiting patiently for the bride... sometimes not so patiently!!

Eli saying hello to baby Samuel, looking adorable in his little shirt and pants!

It was also the first time my two kiddies met their three sweet cousins, the triplets! As many other people were meeting them too and it was all a bit rushed, what with people getting married and so on, it wasn't a big emotional meeting but we have plenty of time for that in the coming week! Nevertheless, Lily was so excited,   saying 'I love my little cousins' and both kids loved staring at them, tickling, cuddling etc.

The beautiful bride makes her entrance...

The Happy Couple - Newly Wed! 

The kids run wild in the beautiful courtyard after the ceremony

Just such a little dude!

After the ceremony, the kiddies were looked after for the evening by 'Auntie JoJo' (having the time of their lives, I might add!) which meant Mark and I got to have a 'date night' of attending the reception together sans kids. It was a beautiful evening of delicious food, gorgeous decorations, catching up with heaps of dear friends, listening to speeches that were both hilarious and touching, dancing and of course - celebrating this beautiful union!

The amazing Wedding cake made by the bride, her mother and grandmother!!

Tabitha made this gorgeous little favour bags containing these delicious cake pops
(choc truffle) covered in white chocolate. Divine!!

Adorable and quaint table centres

Loved the table seating chart and guest book... just so many thoughtful little touches!

A night celebrating Love with my love...


  1. So many lovely photos, Kate! I enjoyed them all but there's something special about the one of Lily looking down at Eli in the doorway and the one of you walking with your two little loves. Both are very sweet and touching.

  2. What an amazing cake. I love it!
    But your little ones hanging over the back of their seats waiting for the beautiful bride. Bless

  3. First up, you look sensational girlfriend! Love the print on the dress and the cut suits you for sure!
    Looks like it was a lovely wedding. Eeeek to the waiting in the church with two kids. That would have really poushed their patience boundaries ;)
    Love all the beautiful details in your friend's wedding :)


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