Monday, 30 April 2012

Just a little reading time...

I know I have posted similar pictures before, but this quirky little guy never ceases to make me smile with his bookworm ways... like propping himself up on the adult chairs with a bit of reading material!

Such a busy little boy relishes a little stillness in his day...

Legs crossed, kicking back, flipping pages...just chillin'!


  1. awwww so cute!!! Look at that concentration! Beautiful photo :)

  2. too cute. not sure if I'm more in love with the bookworm side of him or those CURLS!

  3. The legs crossed - too. much. cuteness!
    I like the perspective of the first shot too.
    You know I love me some book lovin' kids ;)

  4. Those curls are super cute!!! Lovely shots :)


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