Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A peaceful public holiday...

Today we did.... nothing.

Oh, it was glorious!

It started off with the kids gifting us with a public holiday blessing - they (and therefore we) all slept in till 8.30am!!

Family snuggle time followed by a cruisy day just chilling around the house, relaxing and reading with the kids, pottering, doing a few small chores and tag-teaming care of the kids so the other parent could rest.


Just what we needed, a day of rest, relaxation and recuperation after a little bit too much busy-ness.

So grateful...

PS Yeah right, Daddy is sleeping in that photo!

PPS Can't believe I posted a photo of myself first thing in the morning (ugh) but hopefully the children's adorable and perky faces will draw all the attention!! How do they wake up so full of beans?!


  1. I think it is the most gorgeous photo! Love it!
    So glad to hear that you had a day of nothingness. Well deserved in your busy life :) See you tomorrow gorgeous!

  2. SO JEALOUS!!! looks like a lot of fun to be had at your digs today. Beautiful photo!

  3. Such a great shot -- I se your husband is trying to take in a few more moments sleep :)

  4. Oh my goodness - jealous much! We've been having 5am starts in these parts. Love those happy smiley faces! So sweet!

  5. What a beautiful family photo - real and full of love!


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