Monday, 9 April 2012

Painting and Playing

After our lovely house-filled Easter, our guests departed on Monday morning, despite our cajoling and pleas to just skip work the next day and stick around a while longer! The weekend seemed to race by, and we all felt happily satiated to have filled our long weekend with so much fun and friendship. Now that we had the rest of Easter Monday to enjoy we decided to spend it pottering around the house, recovering from all the excitement and enjoying quiet time with the kiddies. After all the socialising, the kids were well in need of some chill out time and over due for some Independent Playtime. Lily (always full of bright ideas) asked if her and Eli could have RoomTime together.... well, might as well give it a shot, right!? She was so excited as they got set up in her room 'I'm pretending to be the Mummy' she mentioned nonchalantly as I left the room.

Shortly afterwards I heard Eli shriek 'Weeee!! Weeeee!!' and so of course Mark and I bolted in as quick as lightening (as parents of the recently potty-trained are wont to do).... expecting a mess. What we discovered was  Eli cheerfully sitting on the potty I had put in the room just in case, Lily sitting with him and holding his hands. Whether he said he had to go or Little Mother Hen had decided on it, I don't know, but she had helped him sit down, removed his pants, held his hands (Eli prefers it for moral support) and the aforementioned Wee was produced. Cheers all round, praise for Little Mother's help and Take #2 on Room Time recommenced.

Mark and I decided to seize the moment and get started on some painting that needed doing around the house....

When it was time for Room Time to finish we entered the room to discover this...

Yes, Little Mother Hen had decided to dress up baby brother in her favourite skirt. I guess it's pretty much inevitable for all baby brothers at some point, huh?? Lily was verrry pleased with her handiwork, we had a good laugh and Eli, having no real idea what the joke was, laughed along merrily regardless. Ah, these kids!!

Don't worry, this kid is still all boy and the skirt certainly did not slow him down from playing with his trucks!! Side note: I trimmed his fringe today after seeing this pic... it was getting just a bit tooo long! Big cut is coming... just not quite yet....

It was a lovely quiet day, including a family stroll around the block to soak up the remainder of the glorious sunshine, the kids had a long play in the bath that afternoon, and we the parents squeezed in the painting when we could. We ended the weekend feeling thoroughly thankful for four days off and lots of delightful moments.... hooray for long weekends!

Now I must go and dispose of some of this chocolate stash..... (by eating it, of course)


  1. Hee - love the hardhat with the skirt - too funny! I've been working my way through a few easter treats too!

  2. Oh they are so gorgeous together! You really must make more of these delightful little beings Kate!


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