Friday, 27 April 2012

Shaving Cream Painting in the Tub!

A bath needed to be taken but I decided to do it in the afternoon so there was none of the usual post-dinner pre-bed rush. The kids loooove the bath and I feel like I'm always rushing them out when they could happily play much longer. I thought I would make it a little extra fun for the kids by making up some shaving cream paint that I have been keen to try out.... inspired by Pinterest of course! ;)

Just a few drops of food colouring mixed up in some shaving cream, a couple of paint brushes (and spoons) and..... it's party time!

The kids were ridiculously excited about the idea... though Lily was a little shocked at first at the idea of painting the bath!! But I assured her it was a-ok, and she soon got into it with relish, painting roads, people, street signs and all manner of things around the sides of the bath!

Eli also had a wonderful time. Wow, I was amazed at how into it he got. Poor boy has not had too much exposure to paint just yet, what with his flailing arms and Mum's low threshold for paint splatters! I gotta say this was the perfect low-mess activity - painting in the bath - perfect, it all just washes off!! No mess and no stress... yeeha! It was so cute watching him really get into the process and painting all sorts of squiggles. Of course he did have to taste it.... just once! The kids both did a great job of keeping the foam in the bath area, although I was happy for them to paint the tiles and edges. It all wiped and washed up super easily at the end (Lily took care of that) and if you are wondering or wanting to try it out, no, it does not stain the bath or the tiles... or the kids!

Sorry about the zillions of photos but it was all just so cute I could not stop taking pics...

His ringlets. Her tongue. Melt xxxx

Oh yeah, the bath water is blue 'cos we had already coloured it - we often put a few drops in for bath time as the kids get a kick out of it. By the way, check out how long Eli's hair is when wet.... eek!!

They painted merrily for over an hour. They were so involved in their creative process that I had to read a magazine to keep myself occupied (um, bliss!!!) whilst sitting in the bathroom and keeping a loose eye on proceedings. Occasional top ups of warm water was all that was needed, and they were totally happy! They also experimented with finger painting, painting their own bodies (and each other!) and all the bath toys. Loved seeing them being so creative and free to explore!

The Artists  busily at Work!

Finally after over an hour I had to (literally - ha!) pull the plug as it was time for other things. So I guess it still remains to be seen how long my kids can stay in the bath for... indefinitely, apparently. Anyway, we will for sure be doing Shaving Foam Paint again - a rollicking good time!


  1. Little kiddies kisses make me feel all fussy & warm inside. Such innocence should be cherished and above all preserved for as long as possible.

    Btw, Kate your blog is incredibly sweet, funny and inspiring. Oh and the photos are just too cute... Great job!

    1. awww thanks Annie! that means a lot esp the compliment on the photos coming from you, talented lady!!! so touched you are reading, thanks hon!! x

  2. What an awesome idea! Looks like hours of fun. I think I might give that a try this afternoon with my sick little monkey, thanks for the inspiration!

    ps - have you tried Pisca for collages? Its a free google program, and so far I’ve found it to be fantastic and very easy to use :-)

    1. ooh thanks for sharing, will check out Picasa now. I was loving using photobucket, so easy and fun but they have upgraded and gotten rid of their best feature - ugh - so will go elsewhere now... thanks - and hope the fun lifts the spirits of your poor sick lil fella xx

  3. Great idea Kate! Hooray for pinterest! I will definately be giving this one a go. (Sarah - Goodytenshoes)

  4. Raaaaaaaad! I love it Kate! I'm like you, I feel like bathime is a bit of a rush plus add two tired kids to the mix and it often ends in tears :(
    The past two days I have actually bathed Harper at around 3pm and I have noticed a huge difference in the her usual early evening crankiness. Might have to add shaving cream to the routine.
    Great idea Kate & thanks for sharing :)

  5. What a great idea and FUUUN


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