Friday, 13 April 2012

A cup of Tea with Great Papa

This morning we visited my Papa - the children's 91 year old great-grandfather. When you pop over for morning tea at the home where he still lives (pretty much) independently, this is what you are served...

Yes, we sip freshly brewed tea in style, from beautiful china cups while nibbling home made slices. Ever so elegant!

He is an amazing man. At 91, he is sharp as a tack. When he not baking slices for morning tea, or a decadent cake or two for a family birthday celebration, he is probably emailing the family the latest information he has discovered through his family history research or riding through the suburb on his motorised bike. A true gentleman, incredibly kind, well-mannered and gentle, he is a much loved-patriarch.

The kids dig into morning tea

Investigating the cat's lair. Cat hiding out in terror!

It was a lovely visit, as relaxed as can be while trying to keep the children contained in his immaculate home.... sitting out on the balcony for a spot of Autumn sunshine was a great idea! So good to spend time with this lovely man, hearing his stories and thoughts... so much to learn from a life well-lived and a privilege to know him and be part of his family.


  1. Oh wow, I love approximately EVERYTHING about this post. Give or take, lol.
    Hmmmm, let me count the ways.
    1: that divine great grandpa, what a blessing to have in your life, he sounds like an amazing man.
    2: those tea cups! I have some serious cup envy.
    3: The kitty house, more envy, but this time on behalf of my puss. Awesome living quarters.
    4: Slices. Multiple, can't believe it's not just one! They look amazing.
    5: your adorable kids, pigtails and curls!

    Okay, I have to stop now, I'm getting carried away, but this was a treat! And you can bet your bottom dollar that I am heading straight to to look up slice recipes :)

    1. aw sarah, your comments are the coolest!! ok i must reply in same detail...
      1 - yes he is truly amazing and so dear to us all. his love for his wife and kids is gorgeous
      2 - i know!!! i was tempted to try and take home my cup in my handbag but you know - it was already full of kids junk!
      3 - so cute huh!!! although apparently the cat doesnt even like it/use it much!
      4 - i know - he is too cute how much he still cooks! slices - i can recommend a really yummy one that is super quick and looks a bit fancy (i just use like a berry jam instead of marmalade)
      5 - i think they are cute too ;)
      thanks hon!!

  2. What a fabulous looking morning tea! It's so awesome that the kids get to spend time with their great grandfather. Looks like a glorious morning had by all. Too beautiful!!

  3. My goodness, how cute!
    I hope that I am still baking up a storm at 91. I am impressed :)

  4. Wow, he looks great and I can only hope to be as agile and active at that age! He sounds like an amazing man, makes me miss my Grandpa.


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