Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

Every Sunday morning, we go to worship with our church family. The church we are a part of is a beautiful group I have been part of since we moved to Canberra when I was twelve... so I kinda grew up there and it is just so delightful now raising my own children in the same church - with many of the same people who blessed me growing up now part of my kid's life too. Our church is more than a community, it is a family - a wonderfully mixed group of different ages, occupations, ethnicities and lifestyles. What we all have in common is our faith in God, in Jesus and a simple and earnest desire to live our lives by God's Word in the Bible. Like any family, we have our quirks and struggles but we stick together and stick to God. I love it, love them all.

HeighHo, HeighHo, it's off to church we go!

My kids absolutely looooove going to church each week. They love the people, they love learning about Jesus, they loved the singing, they just feel at home. I love that Lily has a dozen 'best friends' there who are (for example), a 12yr old girl, a 14yr old boy, a 25 year old young lady, a 64 year old woman and of course a few littlies her own age too. In a world that often groups people simply by age, our church family gives my kids an opportunity to chat, relate and build relationships and confidence with people of all ages and types. I adore seeing the children run around while the adults chat after the worship service, totally at home with their church family. Everyone looks out for each other and I often think - Um, where are my kids? Well, I know they are here somewhere having fun with someone!

Eli on the move - things to do, people to see!

And of course, Children's Bible Class. Lily's favourite time of the week - stories, colouring, craft, Bible songs - together with other kids her age and of course gentle, caring and devoted teachers. Eli has just started going and loves it as much as his wriggly self allows!

I didn't quite capture the shots I wanted today as it's always so busy catching up with people, but this is the kids sitting up the back row ready for worship to begin. One whole hour of sitting quietly (or trying to), singing, listening, reading or quietly playing. It is usually delightful, though sometimes a challenging exercise in self-control for our little ones - but a great learning experience and discipline for them to undertake.

Sunday, lovely Sundays..... I love to hear Eli shriek 'Church!! Church!' as we arrive. I love to sing praises to God, be encouraged by the message and learn more about who God is. Having little kids means we can't always focus quite as much as we used to, but I still always walk away encouraged and spiritually refreshed for the week ahead.... and I love just hanging out with my church family, and being there together with my own sweet little crew of four.

We are richly blessed...


  1. Such a lovely post on how our heavenly father blesses and enriches you through your "church family". It is great to see them enjoying it so much. :)

  2. Nice to see the kids playing today. I decided to let my kids play instead of hurrying them to do the cleaning.

  3. What a lovely experience for your family to share. I especially love your kid's friendships with such a diversity of people, that is awesome.


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