Wednesday, 18 April 2012

First things first...

Some of our house interiors are getting painted, in the midst of one of our very busiest weeks. Just the way it panned out and no complaints but it sure did add to the madness! 

Of course we had to escape the painters and the paint fumes so we have been hanging out at my parent's house (while they are away on a trip). It's a funny thing to hang out in a house without your usual accouterments, like toys and laptops, and of course, routine. No housework to do, limited 'busy-ness' tasks able to be tended to... it felt rather like a holiday, with nothing to do except seize the chance to spend a good chunk of time with both kids snuggled on my lap, just singing and cuddling. The photo is horrendously blurry but the moment was deliciously sweet. 

Taking time to snuggle with my babies, forced in a sense by circumstance but grabbed and cherished and delighted in by one happy Mama... I love these babies for forcing me to slow down no matter how chaotic life may get. They must be tended to, they must be loved, and so I must do it and for that I am eternally grateful. Because it often makes me see that all those 'ever important' other things are perhaps not quite so important as they at first seemed. First things first...

It was a rainy day with two kids cooped up inside. We decided to burn energy and time with rolling a ball back and forth down the looooong hallway. Much running, screeching, laughing was done. Oh yes, we had a ball (haha!). (Groan... sorry I could not resist!!)

Quiet moments, of which a childhood is made...


  1. oh, I love the horrendously blurry but deliciously sweet moment :)

    I often chant to myself:

    "do what is important, not what is urgent"

    when I get a bit OCD about wanting to *finish* all the to-dos (that list never ends!) and all my little wants is for me to sit and *be* with her.

    1. oh that is a GREAT motto, I will be remembering that one!!!

  2. I love it too! such a great moment to capture and I can so relate...but believe me, they grow so so fast...don't waste a moment xx

  3. Seriously, the ONLY piece of advice I was given when pregnant with Hannah that still rings true today is, "They grow too fast, enjoy every moment" and my, isn't that the truth! Love this post Kate!


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