Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fun with Friends

A visit to Amber (and of course Harper and Finn)'s house  is always guaranteed to be a good time....

There will be food....

Round sandwiches are so much cooler than the square kind!

Busy Little Legs... Finn, Lily, Harper and Eli!

There will be the amazing Amber taking beautiful photos....(be sure to check her blog 'cos her pics will knock your socks off!)

She will kill me for sharing this but had to get a shot of her
 in action - so gorgeous and talented!

There will be fun and creative activities to do....

And of course there will be a rockin' toddler dance party!! Oh, how they all boogied... I really should have gotten some video...

Lily in the zone, and Harper sweet talking 'Baby Eli'!

A wall of mirrors is all the better for checking out your sweet moves, right kids?!

And the Mums even got to sit down with their coffees for about five whole minutes!! Luxury! Don't worry, we did manage to sneak in a decent amount of chatting in whilst corralling and coordinating the children who of course had a wonderful time playing together and also eating pretty much constantly...

So thankful for sweet times with friends - for both the kiddies and for me!


  1. Whoa! What a fun filled day. I loved those peg boards when I was growing up! My favourite pic is Harper sweet talking Eli! Gotta love circle sandwiches too ;) my4boysandme

  2. I love it! You guys are so blessed to have each other! The dance party shots are so super cute and taking a photo of their feet under the table is such a great perspective Kate!

    Nice to have a bit a sneeky peek at what Amber's house looks like too ;) haha

  3. Kate, I love the photos you captured today. The dance shots have me in fits of laughter over here. They were going off weren't they!!! I think the wall of mirrors really added to their enthusiam to dance the morning away ;)
    Oh and that shot of Harper doing her ususal 'hands on the knees', 'talking to Eli in a soft voice' pose- classic! She STILL doesn't believe that he isn't a baby anymore.

    Thank you for featuring my kids (and me - almost fell off my chair when I saw that! Glad I didn't wear my trackies today :P) in your blog. We all had such a fun morning.
    Will get around to posting my photos from our morning soon. xx

    1. heehee yes such a good morning and the dancing was so hilarious, it was hard to pick one that captured their energy! I thought it was a gorgeous shot of you and I know you rarely ever get in a pic so i couldnt resist such a classic and lovely photo - however - NO REVENGE shots of me thank you!!! ;)

  4. Looks like SO much fun!!! Great photos! Love the pic with Amber - the super rad snapper ;) hope you had fun xx

  5. These are great, love the under the table one! Harper baby talking to Eli is a classic, she looks smaller then he is - so, so cute. And Lily has some super funky dance moves!

  6. Oh man...those boards with the little tac things to push in...I grew up with those and loved them. Where can one get them these days! Oh the memories!

    1. i knoooow Nic! so cool huh - i asked Amber and she said it was from her kindy teaching days so not sure where she got them from... funny so many of us remember them!!! classic fun :)


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