Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Quiet Little Backyard Picnic

After an uplifting and enriching morning meeting with our church family, we came home and decided to utilise the gloriously sunny day with an impromptu backyard picnic. The fare was very simple... our standard Sunday Tuna Toastie (a quick easy meal is essential after our big morning out and kids very much in need of naps!), but the company was delightful and the casual little event was very sweet indeed.... just so relaxing to sit in the warm sunshine with my three most precious blessings!

'This was a nice surprise, Mummy!' Lily chirped, confirming that it does not take much effort at all to create a special moment for our kids.

'And do you know what?' she added conversationally

'I love you, Mummy'.

Right back at you, darling girl...

Little Mother Lily ensures Eli only takes one slice of cheese at a time! Ahem...

Mark decided to recline in his usual chilled out style during lunch and the kids just thought that was sooooo cool/funny and decided to try it out too by lying on him whilst they nibbled on their lunch.... it was all so funny and rather Romanesque!! No peeled grapes, however. Love how they adore their Daddy and whatever he does.... they want to do too!

Oh yes, Mummy, I can eat like this! It's comfy!!

It's a pretty weird way to eat lunch but hey, I guess we are a pretty weird family!!?

Hmmm, this position is actually perfect for plane-watching!

A lovely lunch in the sunshine with my family.... quiet times, simple pleasures, numerous blessings but in particular these three beautiful people who make it all so precious.

Wow, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude today! Feeling content with my lot in life, I guess....


  1. Kate another beautiful touching post. I love that photo of your 3 blessings laying on the rug eating their lunch. Just beautiful and relaxed.

  2. Spontaneous backyard lunchings are almost (but not quite) as wondrous as spontaneous "I love you mummy"'s. And you got them both!

  3. That is just beautiful, thanks for warming my little heart. Marg

    I love Lily's words. She is always ready to give out a compliment and give a little love. Reminds me of someone... :)
    Love how chilled out you all look. Perfect for a Sunday. x
    P.S. Will call you tomorrow re: wed plan. Thank you for helping out. I REALLY appreciate it!


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