Sunday, 15 April 2012


Little Man hanging out at church today, waiting for the luncheon to start, so passes the time with a spot of Peekaboo! 

I am adoring the precious little star stickers on his hand he got from Bible Class... he sat through the whole class today and ran out shrieking to show me his craft - a paper plate whale with Jonah inside!

So proud of himself and needless to say, we were too!

Couldn't help but snap a shot of Eli in another pair of hand-me-down shoes from his big sister.... I just loooove these little leather loafers!!!

So many sweet memories of Lily toddling around in these. I somehow won a voucher to the Skeanie baby-shoe website when Lily was tiny and so splashed out (as I never usually would) on this pair which cost $50!!! For toddler shoes - ker-azzzy huh?! The fun of prize-winning - getting stuff you would never usually buy! I remembering being tempted to get the cute pink ones, but figured if I was going to get such spendy shoes I should really get gender-neutral just in case a male sibling came along one day. Needless to say, I am sooooo glad I did cos Eli rocks these loafers like nobody's business and I am so glad both kids got to wear these cutie-patootie shoes!


  1. Oh Mr Eli you are so cute. I can just imagine that you have all the church members swooning :)
    Cute loafers! And aren't you a clever Mummy, getting a gender neutral pair just in case ;)


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